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11+ Best LaTeX Editors for PC and Smartphones [2022]

  • LaTeX Editors are used for creating flexible documents containing footnotes, bibliographic, images, captions, tables, and cross-references.
  • So it’s also known as the best alternative to a word document, thanks to the available markup-level directions.
  • I will discuss 11+ Best LaTeX Editors to be used online, on computers, and on smartphones.

Best LaTeX Editors

There is no denying that LaTex documents are a little complicated to create, but they are called an update to word documents. Because they let users create full reports, magazines, CVs, theses, research papers, etc. So it’s better to get a grasp on LaTex software which is the present and future of IT.

List of Best LaTeX Editors in 2022


TeXmaker is a free application for creating LaTeX documents. It contains many practical features such as integration of the editor and the TeX shell, automatic update of the pdf viewer, and several others. This makes TeXmaker one of the most advanced LaTeX editors on Windows, macOS, and Linux.TeXmaker for PC


With this LaTeX editor, the creation of documents becomes very easy. Because more creating a new document, the program lets a user decide what kinds of insertions he would want in his document. Through the Quick Start tab, users can enable facilities that they would like to access while creating a document.

Users can insert codes, tables, images, and even math formulas into their documents. And once they have completed their files, they can save the new creations in HTML, PDF, or ODF formats. One thing that would like about this text editor is its ability to identify errors.


TeXnicCenter is a free web-based TeX editing environment that allows users to create and edit TeX documents. Texts are automatically compiled when required, in the background. Users can also get live previews of their documents and check for errors as they type.TeXnicCenter for PC

But to use TeXnic Center, users are also required to get a Tex Distribution (to compile .tex files) and a PDF viewer (to view the created documents). Else, users get a fully-featured interface to complete the tasks of creating and editing Latex files.

To deliver it straight, this latex editor provides all the good features, the spell checking is enabled, but what you would like the most about this editor is its collection of templates/snippets of critical scientific formulas.


LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents (WYSIWYM) and not simply their appearance (WYSIWYG). This means that you can focus entirely on your content knowing that LyX will take care of all formatting issues.LyX for PC

You can use LaTeX or XML for your content, including graphics, formulas, and bibliographies in the same document with no trouble—and even have multiple languages side by side.

But I would recommend it for mathematicians and physicists. Because this Latex Editor contains more convenience for these two fields. Snippets of equations, theorems, and even algorithms are available for your use.

In addition, the PDF viewer is also available with this app. So I would just like to recommend it to users who have just started their career in creating LaTeX documents.


TeXstudio is a free and open-source app for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It provides a comfortable write-anywhere editor with a live preview.TeXstudio for PC

The editor uses the standard LaTeX syntax highlighting, but also provides editing capabilities not found in other environments such as auto-completion of commands, symbols, environments, and packages.

Users can create latex documents containing images, formulas, tables, and other word content. It contains a huge amount of mathematical formulas that can be used within the documents.


TeXworks is an application for writing LaTeX documents and managing BibTeX bibliographies. It is the default editor in many distributions of the TeX system, including MiKTeX and TeX Live.TeXworks for PC

With this latex editor, users get a built-in PDF viewer and the ability to synchronize their work. Furthermore, the auto-completion of text and syntax are also added for a user’s convenience.

Its ability to allow users to create documents in a friendly environment is a reason why it’s called one of the best LaTeX editors for PC. And the support for Latex, Math, Wizard, and Bibliography is what makes it more compelling.


If you are looking for an online Latex editor, Papeeria is what you should get. This online editor contains all the good features like syntax highlighting, word completion, and spellchecker. And it can be used on PC and smartphones.Papeeria - Online LaTeX Editor

If you are using the Chrome browser, you can also download its extension. My point here is that this program can be used on all the major devices, running the latest web browser.

This online software can be used for creating CV, reports, and magazines. To put it straight, it can be used by scientists, professors, students, and even report analysts.


Overleaf is a tool for writing and sharing research papers, books, and presentations. It’s the world’s leading open-source online LaTeX editor and it has been used to write more than 1 million documents so far. Created by academics, for academics, Overleaf is free, secure, and easy to use.Overleaf - Online LaTeX Editor

The reason for the preference of Overleaf over other Latex editors is that it contains a huge library of snippets to help users create their documents. Who wouldn’t want the easiest way to create a thesis or research paper, so that’s why it is mostly preferred by mathematicians.

In case you are using Overleaf for professional courtesy, you can collaborate online with your colleagues or employers. The same implies to students who are willing to get help on certain concepts for creating their reports.


Authorea, collaborative writing and publishing tool for scientists, engineers, and academics. It’s free to use. Even with all the great tools on the market today for writers, there are still some obstacles when it comes to getting your work out into the world.Authorea - Online LaTeX Editor

In order to edit and improve your work of art, you have to go through many steps like switching between programs, file conversion, and so forth. The editors at Authorea want to give you an opportunity to write in one.

In short, if you are looking for an easy-to-use latex editor online, you need to get Authorea. Because it also helps you move on with your current career by collaborating with professionals.

Kile LaTex Editor

With a sleek and stylish user interface, Kile LaTex Editor is a powerful tool for typesetting documents. It is a cross-platform application that can be used on all popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.Kile - Online LaTeX Editor

This editor comes with different advanced features such as spell checking, auto-completion of words and phrases, conversion to PDF, etc. Users can complete all such tasks instantly, without having to wait a lot.

To tell you the truth, this online latex editor doesn’t contain all the good features, but it does come with some compelling facilities. Like you can get it for free, export your latex files from one device to another, and it performs the requested operations within seconds.

Vim with LaTeX-Suite

LaTeX is a typesetting system for high-quality documents, with an original design and superior functionality. LaTeX provides the best quality and has been used by scientific writers since its creation in the late 1970s.Vim - Extension for LaTeX

However, learning how to use LaTeX can be a daunting task. the purpose of this blog post is to help you understand the basics of using LaTex for research writing or other academic purposes.

I would only recommend Vim to programmers and professionals because it contains a customizable interface that might be difficult for novice users. That’s why it’s available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Unix-based systems.

LaTeX Workshop

LaTeX for Visual Studio Code, thanks to this extension, it’s never been easier to write and compile beautiful documents in LaTeX right from within your favorite code editor.LaTeX Workshop Extension

In case you are interested in benefiting from a latex editor that has tutorials and guides, LaTex Workshop would be a good choice. Because on platforms like Github, you can recognize the proper way to use the built-in commands for productive coding.


VerbTeX is a free, open-source LaTeX editor for smartphones. It allows users to create beautiful and complex documents using LaTeX syntax while offering the convenience of taking their work on the go.VerbTeX for Android and iPhone

The app features syntax highlighting, real-time previewing, exporting capability, and more – all with a clean interface that appeals to both newbies and experts.

With this Latex editor for Android and iPhone, users can complete various tasks on their smartphones. They can create a document by using the onscreen tools, to make their documents manageable.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading the 12 Best LaTeX Editors for PC and Smartphones at it’sDailyTech.

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