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5 Best IRC Clients for Windows PC – March [2022]

  • IRC Clients are used to communicating with people globally via IRC servers.
  • They are used to make text-based real-time conversations by joining the IRC network created by other users.
  • I present a list of IRC Clients for Windows PC that are still alive-n-kicking.

Best IRC Clients for Windows

There’s no denying that platforms like Twitch and Discord are the most upgraded options for communicating with people online.

But just like some arcade fans, some people prefer to benefit from IRC Clients because they are not interested in chatting through complicated interfaces.


So they want a clean interface that’s specifically designed to help individuals have long text-based conversations, without having to follow any complications.

And IRC Clients are safe…

You will be amazed to know the fact that IRC Clients are much more secure than many of the famous social platforms. Thanks to TLS (Transport Layer Security), a user’s conversations can’t be leaked out.

So if you are willing to encounter some Best IRC Clients for Windows PC, consult with the following section.

List of Best IRC Clients for Windows PC

WeeChatSmart Filtering and multiple scriptings languages
IceChatBuilt-in IRC editor to offer customizable interface
Foo IRCLightwieght IRC client with IRCCloud support
mIRCSecure IRC client that offers SSL encryption
PidginSupports famous chat channels like Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo.


WeeChat for Windows

WeeChat offers a fully-featured IRC client for Windows PC users. It supports multiple scripting languages like Python, Ruby, C, Lava, JavaScript, etc.

Thanks to its open-source availability, users can benefit from its services on Android, Mac, and Linux-based operating systems. A built-in Script Manager is also available, making it one of the best IRC clients for programmers.


  • IPv6 and DCC
  • Multiple servers support
  • Smart filtering
  • Multiple languages translation
  • Spell checker
  • Shows friends list

Price: Free


IceChat for Windows

If you want to use an IRC client that offers tons of customizations, IceChat is what you need to get. This free software allows you to customize the theme according to your preferences and helps you in editing the main interface via IceChat Editor.

You are allowed to add commands to make it more compelling and make groups/networks for a better communication experience. So it’s a good choice for users who want an IRC client with a clean interface, but with many options.


  • Emoticons supported
  • Instant connect availability
  • Organized GUI
  • Default editor
  • Multiple channel and server

Price: Free


Foo IRC for Windows

In case you are interested in using a lightweight IRC client, Foo IRC is what you need to get. You are allowed to get it from the Microsoft Store, allowing you to install the application’s file in XAP.

You can keep Foo IRC running in the background without having to burden your device’s resources. And, save desired servers and channels to make your system connect with them automatically, after a reboot.


  • Auto-Reconnection
  • IRCCloud
  • Scripting
  • Colorful texting
  • Blocklist
  • Multi-server support

Price: One-time fee of $1.99


mIRC for Windows

mIRC is one of the most favored IRC Clients, it has been kept alive by its developers since 1995. They keep adding certain facilities, to make the client accessible for every user.

It’s been favored by users, because of the SSL encryption and various interface customizations provided by the client’s developers, making it possible for others to join an IRC server with ease.


  • Text Logs
  • Notifications and alerts
  • SSL encryption
  • Friends and groups list
  • Customizable interface

Price: 30-day free trial. Costs $20 per user.


Pidgin for Windows

Pidgin is one of those IRC Clients that offers integration with the famous chatting platforms. A user is allowed to connect with various channels like Yahoo, Hotmail, Google Talk, Zephyr, etc at the same time.

This IRC client is also available for other platforms like Mac and Linux, making it one of the most accessible platforms to connect with IRC networks.

Users are allowed to connect with an active global community to chat with the person of interest to understand the processing phenomenon of Pidgin.


  • Open-source
  • Support other chat channels
  • Emoticons
  • Multi-server
  • Plugins support

Price: Free

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading the list of Best IRC Clients for Windows PC, at it’sDailyTech.

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