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Best Instagram Bots for Followers, Likes and Views – Best of 7


Many people desperately want to get Free Instagram Followers, did these work or not? So, we tried different ones available and labeled them as getting free Instagram followers.

Before we directly come to the apps, there is a question that we like to Answer. How to get free Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views?

The answer is simple! Pay to promote your Instagram account or page and wait for the response that’s it! There is no need to use other means.


Anyhow just for the sake of information and your interest, we are enlisting the Best Instagram Bots. These will help you to grow your Instagram account.

Can We Get Free Instagram Followers?

Growth doesn’t come for free

Instagram is a social hub where we see different types of businesses running online.

Most of them prefer to use Instagram official way to promote their Instagram accounts or business pages. Because it is safe, official, result oriented, and makes perfect use of your single penny.

We are not in favor of trying unofficial sources. Maybe they will not get you the expected result. Most of them are so-called Free but actually, they charge amount, even more, the Instagram official.

So, we want you to use the Promotion strategy to increase your IG followers. There is no way to get free followers on Instagram because of everything you see online! there is some business behind it.

1. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta is the top choice when it comes to growing your Instagram account. They didn’t offer the Free Followers for IG instead, they offer different plans with different prices and the number of IG followers you will get against your payment.

Best Instagram Bots

Visit the official website and choose the plan which suits you and your budget.

Mr. Insta currently serves 500,000+ happy Instagram users with free and paid services. It means the source is trustable and you will get something in return for the money spent.

2. Famoid

Famoid is another website that lets you increase IG followers within just very less time. Infact it is one of the oldest services for IG that provide followers to your account instantly. The Famoid has launched 5 years ago and its origin of operation is in Delaware.

Best Instagram Bots

Famoid is a massive tech and software company that provided its services in many sectors. According to their website;

You can 100 free Instagram followers that are delivered within 6 to 12 hours.

Users can get your free Instagram followers once a week, or every 7 days as they mention on the website. One of the safest sources to grow your account.

These are the facts and i personally used this tool, got as written.

3. Turbo Media

Turbo Media is one of the latest trending social media analysis websites that also helps you to get free followers on IG. Do you know this website got a rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot? It is a massive rating probably one of the highest I have seen.

Best Instagram Bots

As soon as you joined Turbo Media and connect it with your Instagram, you will quickly and easily receive 10 free Instagram Followers and 10 free Instagram Likes every 48 hours.

Turbo Media subscribers will receive free followers and likes, simply complete a survey or 5 social actions in 30 to 60 seconds. Users will do something for them and they will do something in return for users.

You can’t keep your account private to avail this offer, you have to keep the account public.

4. Likes.io

After reading the name one thing you will surely understand is that this site is for increasing your likes on posts. I know you are thinking where are the followers?

Best Instagram Bots

Whenever you get more likes on Post, there is a chance that your post will come on Instagram search in your region. Even if one photo or video comes on the search page, you can easily get hundreds or thousands of new followers.

Your post must be attractive and appealing to the audience, that’s only the condition. Likes.io can surely help to increase your IG followers.

5. Stormlikes

Increasing followers on Instagram increases your PR in real life too, it increases your confidence. Also, it contributes so much towards making a person a true Influencer.


The best thing is it’s a good chance to earn from IG if you have an impressive amount of followers. Brands will approach you for a sponsored posting. Stormlikes will surely help you to get all of these virtual luxuries.

This tool will bring a slow storm of likes on your Instagram on a daily bases. Really helpful in increasing likes and followers on Instagram. I used it personally on the account that I made for testing. Got the same results as the source claimed to provide you.

Getting free Instagram followers that you actually can trust to add to your Instagram profile’s reputation, not taking away from it is harder than you might think.

6. Media Mister

Media Mister is one of the oldest in this followers inventory game. They really became famous just for the successful cases where they actually increase their client’s Instagram followers.


It is one of the trustable sources, if they are saying that they will increase your Instagram followers then they surely will. Like the other sources, Media Mister also offers many packages. Different price ranges, and different numbers of followers for people having different budgets.

Too be honest, i didn’t try this bot in detail because i have a limited budget and i have to try other sources too. So, i just bought the basic plan of increasing followers and it works. I got 100 followers in just 3 days.

7. SocialViral

When you want to make your social post, account, or content viral, you need to adopt some strategies like promotions, sharing, making it interesting, and requesting your followers to share your posts. It will increase your followers, Likes as well as audience per day that interact with your content.


We are talking about tools like SocialViral, that help you in accomplishing the task. This tool helps users in the growth of their Instagram Business Page as well as a personal profile like doctors, engineers, and tech people.

Social Viral also charges some amount in exchange for doing work with you. Their services is inexpensive and cheap, probably the cheapest of these all 7. So, we can recommend you on this that spend a penny before spending a dollar, if the penny returns with profit the dollar will also be.

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