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Best Gear For iPhone At CES 2022


The CES event has ended a few days back and now it is time for us to give you guys a complete overview of some products that catch our eyes. Here you will find the Best Gear For iPhone At CES 2022. Our specifically selected products are specifically made for improving the Apple devices using experience. Here are those gadgets and products that are our favorite and offer innovation.

About CES 2022
CES History & Find The Next CES Events
Best Gear For iPhone At CES 2022
List Of Products That Are Reviewed Here
Product Reviews & Prices

About CES 2022

CES is the biggest tech event in the world. The full form of CES is Consumer Electronics Show. In this event, developers from around the world show their creations and innovative products. In the CES event, big companies like Apple, LG, and others can find their new partners and find new innovative ideas for their companies. This event is organized by Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and it covers every aspect of the tech sector.


Note: The CES event is not for the general public, only developers in the tech sectors can join the event.

Best Gear For iPhone At CES 2022

CES History & Find the Next CES Events

The CES event takes place in the USA and most probably it will take place in Las Vegas. The first CES event happened in New York in 1967, since then a lot of products have been introduced in this event. If you are looking to find the next CES event details, then they are added below. Moreover, this year due to Covid-19 the CES even was canceled and it happened on a live stream, so we hope for the best in the coming years.

Next CES Event Dates

  • 5-8 January 2023
  • 9-12 January 2024

These dates may change as the event mostly happens in the first two weeks of January.

Apple Stand At CES 2022

This year Apple did not directly participate in the CES 2022 event. However, they were omnipresent as most of the products for smartphones were compatible with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

Best Gear For iPhone At CES 2022

From the complete product line of gadgets that were introduced at the CES event. We have selected the products that were fully compatible with Apple’s iPhone. These products are specifically released for Apple’s native technology like HomeKit, MagSafe, Find My, and others.

List Of Products That Are Reviewed Here

Chipolo CARD Spot (Air-Tag Alternative)
Targus Cypress Hero Backpack (User Air-Tag Technology)
Schlage Encode Plus (Home-Kit, iPhone, Apple Watch Supported)
Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount (Mag-Safe Accessory)
Presidio Pro Folio (Mag-Safe)

Product Reviews & Prices

Find the review of all products named above. This review is based on the specs and the performance of the product. So keep reading and keep learning about new iPhone products that you can get in 2022.

Chipolo CARD Spot (35$ Pre-order)

Chipolo CARD Spot utilizes the Apple Find My feature and works as an AirTags. The cost of this product is almost similar for a single piece. However, if you purchase a pack of four, then there is a difference of 10$. Chipolo CARD Spot is the second version and it comes in a card-like design. This design is very easy to hide anywhere, without anyone noticing.

The previous version of this product comes in a circular design with a keyring hole on the side. The Chipolo CARD Spot is a special edition and comes in just 2.4mm size. This is specifically designed to fit in your wallet just like other cards, users can also place the card in a backpack and most people won’t even notice it.

Best Gear For iPhone At CES 2022

The battery life of this product is 2-years which is being claimed by the company. This product is IPX5 rated, which provides resistance to pressure and is water-resistant. There are many more similar features of this product, that you can learn from their official website.

Targus Cypress Hero Backpack (N/A)

Targus is most popularly known for its eco-friendly backpacks. And Targus Cypress Hero Backpack is made from recycled materials like water bottles. It is also a tech-friendly backpack and comes with built-in support for Apple’s Find My technology. Users can use the Find My App on their device to find their Targus Cypress Hero Backpack.

Best Gear For iPhone At CES 2022

But the functionality of this product doesn’t end here. If you left your iPhone somewhere, then you can use the Ping button in the backpack. This will trigger a continuous ping sound from the speakers of your iPhone. There is also a rumor, that Targus Cypress Hero Backpack can also utilize the Precision Finding feature. If this feature is true then, this backpack will be utilizing the complete Find My Network.

Schlage Encode Plus (299.99$ Releasing in Spring)

Looking for a smart Deadbolt for your home or office. Schlage Encode Plus comes with the support of Apple’s Home Keys. This feature was released in the latest iOS 15, and it allows the user to save the Key securely in their Apple wallet. Now the user can lock and unlock smart home lock from their iPhone and Apple Watch. Without even unlocking your device.

Best Gear For iPhone At CES 2022

There is also a power reserve mode, it allows the user to unlock the Schlage Encode Plus device even if the device is shut down. The user also has the option to set 100 access codes and manage them without any hassle. There is also a real-time activity log built into the device. Schlage Encode Plus is powerful and has a smart deadbolt lock.

Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount (69.99$)

This iPhone mount is designed for content creator that moves a lot in the picture frame. It comes with smart face recognition technology and can move in 360 degrees. This product will track your moments while securely holding your device with strong magnates. It is compatible with MagSafe and is made for iPhone 12 series and iPhone 13 series.

Best Gear For iPhone At CES 2022

With MagSafe support, users can easily align the device. Also, adjust the device in portrait mode or landscape mode. The stand is also adjustable from -15 degrees to 30 degrees which provide a wide array of viewing angles to the user. Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount comes with an application that adds more functionality. Also, link your social media accounts and stream while recording.

Presidio Pro Folio (39.95$)

Presidio Pro Folio is a cover for your MagSafe charger. It can convert your MagSafe into an iPhone stand. The viewing angle can also be adjusted and come with a protective USB dock. So, users can double the usage as a cable organizer. Presidio Pro Folio is travel-friendly and can carry your cables well organized.

Best Gear For iPhone At CES 2022

Here you will find the Best Gear For iPhone At CES 2022. Also, ask questions relating to this topic, iOS, and iPad OS. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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