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Best Game Boy Emulators On iOS 15 – Top 2022 List


Do you love to play classic old games like Pokémon, Super Mario, Zelda, or others? Try the Best Game Boy Emulators On iOS 15 and relive your childhood games. If you have the desire to play these games on your smartphone without any hassle, then this article will help you a lot.

Here you will find the best Game Boy Emulators that can easily be installed on your iOS device. But there is one thing that you should keep in your mind. That these emulators will only work on the latest iOS version, which is iOS 15.

So, if you are not running iOS 15 or if your device does not support iOS 15, then this article will not be of much help. But you can always upgrade your device or update to the latest iOS version. Moreover, without taking any more time, let’s find out about the top Game Boy Emulators for iPhone running on iOS 15.


What Is a Game Boy Emulator?

A Game Boy emulator is just like any other emulator, but with a specific function. All emulators have the power to run different operating systems over another operating system. Without harming your device. In some cases, your device may slow down, this is due to extra stress on the processor of your device.

As iOS Game Boy emulator has the capability to run Game Boy games on an iOS platform. This emulator is installed as an app on your iPhone and it allows the user to play old retro and classic games. Moreover, some emulators are developed are first-party, however, there is a huge number of emulators that are created by third-party developers.

Different developers add different functionalities to the emulator. But the main purpose remains the same. However, the main difference between these emulators is the processing speed and the interface. However, there are many Game Boy emulators, that don’t even work and just waists user time.

That is why here I have added some of the Best Game Boy Emulators on iOS 15. These Game boy Emulators will provide the best performance every time you use them. So without taking any more time let’s begin with the list of Best Game Boy Emulators For iOS 15, that you should get in 2022.

Best Game Boy Emulators On iOS 15

List of Best Game Boy Emulators On iOS 15

Here is the list of Game Boy Emulators that I have explained in the article. Here you will find all of the information regarding these emulators including some of their features and cons. Moreover, here are the Best Free Game Boy Emulators On iOS 15 for the year 2022.

Happy Chick
Delta Emulator
RetroArch Emulator

Are Game Boys Safe To Use On iOS Devices? Are They Legal?

Emulators are safe to use, but the user has to check the emulator before downloading it. There are many fake emulators on the internet which can harm your device, as they contain malware and other bad stuff for your PC. Moreover, Game Boy Emulators are also legal to use in fact, all emulators are legal.

However, if you are planning to download or upload Game ROMs, then it is illegal. So, always use your personal game files, or maybe you can get in trouble by using illegal game files. This is all, now it is time to explain the above-mentioned Best Game Boy Emulators On iOS 15.

Best Free Game Boy Emulators For iOS 15 – Explained

Use the following free Game Boy Emulators to play old retro, classic, and action games on unsupported devices like iPhones, iPads, and other smart devices like Android smartphones and tablets. Relive your childhood by playing these old games and remember every game that you use to play with your friends in school and after school.


The GBA4iOS is developed by Riley Testut and is a third-party emulator. The performance of this emulator is amazing and it provides many features and functions to the user. Moreover, this emulator has the power to run all games that are compatible with the GBA (Game Boy Emulator).

Best Game Boy Emulators On iOS 15

GBA4iOS is fully optimized for running on iPhone with iOS 15 or later. This emulator has been around since iOS 7 and has been used by users on iPhone 5 and onward. However, since years have passed, the compatibility with the older devices has been removed, and it only works with the latest iOS version.

With GBA4iOS you can easily enjoy GBA and GBC games on your iOS 15 or iPad OS 15 devices. Moreover, this emulator contains a lot of features, I have added some of the features below. You can get this emulator and check out all of the other available features.

Key Features

  • Wireless linking is supported.
  • Multiplayer is supported.
  • Amazing skins and themes.
  • Get GBA and GBC games without any hassle.
  • Dropbox sync supported.
  • Use cheat codes.
  • iPhone and iPad supported.
  • Customize icons, skins, vibrations, and other stuff.
  • External controllers are supported.
  • Airplay support.


  • Wireless linking is not stable.
  • The installation setup is complicated.

Happy Chick

Happy Chick is a futuristic Game Boy emulator for iPhones and iPads. This emulator can emulate more than 18 systems including PSP, GBA, GBC, MD, NDS, FC(NES), SFC(SNEC), DC, NGP, WS, FAB/ MAME/ MAME PLUS, PS, and others. As this emulator can simulate multiple systems, this is the most powerful emulator on the list.

This emulator supports PSP and Arcade games. Users can also play multiplayer online games and record their gameplay. The recorded footage can easily be shared with other users on Happy Chick or you can export it to your device memory and share it on any social media platform.

Best Game Boy Emulators On iOS 15

Moreover, this emulator has a huge catalog of old games of different categories including classic, retro, and others categories. There is a chance that you will find your favorite childhood game on this Game Boy Emulator. Furthermore, the installation and the configuration of this emulator are quite easy and the interface offered is also easy to use.

Key Features

  • Gain access to rich game resources.
  • Most powerful emulator in its category.
  • Enjoy High-speed downloading.
  • Enjoy multiplayer games on the same network.
  • One-click setup and configuration.
  • Easily backup games on Happy Chick cloud storage.
  • Available for iOS, iPad OS, Android, and On Windows.


Are you looking for an emulator that is easy to use, provides easy installation & configuration, and allows the user to easily play games. Unlike other Game Boy emulators, the Eclipse Game Boy Emulator does not get revoked. Getting revoked is the most annoying thing, and it happens to most iOS Game Boy Emulators.

Due to the unique installation method and GBA / GBC game picking protocols, this emulator will never get revoked. Moreover, one more unique thing about the Eclipse Game Boy Emulator is that it is a web-based multi-emulator. It also provides the user will all the basic tools that other Game Boy emulator provides.

Best Game Boy Emulators On iOS 15

Due to this reason (Web-Based Emulator) Apple has not been able to remove or revoke the Eclipse emulator. So, users can easily search and locate their favorite games and play them without any hassle. Moreover, the method to install this emulator is removed as it is a web-based emulator.

This emulator can provide the best gaming experience direct from the Safari web browser. Moreover, you can also link your accounts to save your gaming data. If an account is not added to the Eclipse emulator, your favorite dame data won’t sync, and you will have to replay the game over again.

Supported Games categories

The following game systems are supported by Eclipse Game boy Emulator.

  • NES
  • SNES
  • GB
  • GBC
  • GBA
  • SMS
  • And SGG Games.

Key Features

  • Open-source web-based Game Boy Emulator.
  • play with your friends with a multi-player option.
  • Save game stats whenever you like.
  • Easily remap game controls.
  • The game library is regularly updated to keep the game stable and to add more content.
  • Adding games has never been so easy.

Moreover, the only con of the Eclipse Game Boy Emulator is that the interface is quite old and outdated.

Delta Emulator

Delta Emulator is the second emulator on the list that is developed by Riley testut. Delta is an all-in-one emulator and is the successor of GBA4iOS. This emulator is fully compatible with all iOS versions that are released after iOS 9. With Delta, users can experience multiple emulators with just a single application.

Best Game Boy Emulators On iOS 15

Key Features

  • iCloud sync is enabled.
  • Compatible with iOS, iPad OS, and iPod OS.
  • Easily save cheat codes and states.
  • Change controller functions.
  • Enjoy multi-system emulators.
  • Can work on iOS and iPad OS devices without Jailbreaking.

RetroArch Emulator

Many people love to use the RetroArch emulator as it provides some of the best functions. However, it is not a feature-rich emulator and only provides some of the basic Game Boy Emulator features. But, the functions offered are quite useful and they engage the user in many ways.

One of the most amazing functions of this emulator is that it has the capability to work with Controllers. Users can attach a controller to their device and easily play games. Moreover, the user will receive an amazing gaming experience on their device. There is also an option to remap controller controls and adjust them just the way you like to use them.

Best Game Boy Emulators On iOS 15

This game Boy Emulator also has a huge games library. This library contains thousands of games from different categories. The library is regularly updated to add more games and to update other games. Moreover, the only drawback of this Game boy Emulator is that the interface is quite old and looks outdated.

Key Features

  • Available on multiple platforms.
  • Supports Next Frame response time.
  • Advanced settings for easy configurations.
  • If a controller is attached to the device, then the settings are automatically configured.
  • Amazing graphical filter for rendering old games graphics.
  • Built-in NetPlay lobby to enjoy multiplayer games.
  • Advanced library that contains much more stuff than games.


Here you will find the Best Game Boy Emulators On iOS 15 – Top 2022 List. If you want us to include any Game Boy Emulator on the list, then leave the name of the Emulator in the comment section below. We will check the emulator and will run some tests, if it is good to go then, we will add it. Moreover, you can also ask questions relating to this topic, iOS, and iPad OS. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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