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Best Game Boosters And Optimizers For Windows 11


The gaming business continues to grow as time passes as more individuals find the delight and probability in this action. Thus a need for the best game boosters is always on the run.

It very well may be genuinely irritating when you need to manage freezes, crashes, stammers, slow stacking, and different issues when you’re wholly advertised up in the center of a game. Nonetheless, these issues are typical. Numerous gamers use standard PCs and desktops that were not intended to match the force of the most recent, refined PC games.

Designing your PC to develop its gaming abilities further will expect you to roll out some technical improvements like defragmenting your hard circle, killing superfluous foundation administrations, refreshing drivers, opening up space, and more.


If you’re not a nerd, everything presumably seems Latin to you. Regardless of whether you are? You’ll have to commit loads of hours that could be better-spent gaming to setting it up.

This is the place where game boosters become possibly the most crucial factor by handling this large number of complicated assignments and advancing your PC’s equipment to give you the best gaming experience anytime.

With the host of game boosters on the lookout? Observing the proper programming that does precisely as it promises can be a precarious undertaking. To assist with smoothing out the dynamic interaction? We’ll feature the best game boosters for Windows 11, and that can help open your device’s full force.

Benefits of Using a Game Booster

Game Boosters don’t simply significantly expand the performance of your PC so it can match the necessities of top-of-the-line games; there are countless different benefits to using this sort of programming. These advantages include:

  • It can permit you to overclock different parts like your realistic card, giving you full command over them and supporting the general performance of your framework.
  • It can stop pointless errands, processes, and apps from running behind the scenes for the length of your gaming.
  • Also, it helps clean the garbage files on your PC to let loose more RAM space, permit your games to stack without a hitch, and forestall framework slacks.
  • It permits you to partake in the experience of messing around on an appropriate gaming console while using just your PC or desktop.
  • It chops down your device’s CPU load and decreases inertness while playing computer games on the web.

Top 5 Best Game Boosters And Optimizers

  • Advanced System Optimizer – One-click cleaning & optimization
  • WTFAst – Custom Game Support available
  • Razer Cortex – Quicker load time than ever
  • Wise Game Booster – Multilingual game optimization suite
  • MSI Afterburner – Easy to navigate interface

Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer

This software is a which is used to utilize basically by Microsoft Windows and this is created by Systweak. This tool helps to improve the performance and speed of a PC. Also, this tool is reviewed by Yahoo, G2, Cnet, and PCworld. This software is easy to use, well-organized and considered a convenient option for all kinds of users. It has a quicking scanning process which fully cleans hard disk and hence, makes PC to work faster.

However, this software is free of cost and hence, used for the cleaning process. This tool is used to restore files and system backup. Also, this tool secures private data, and hence, it is compatible with Windows 7, 8, Vista, and Win XP. 



This software (also called Gamers Private Network; GPN) is a platform for online gamers which accesses gaming servers without any internet connection errors. This tool boosts up gaming networks for gamers like MMO, FPS, and MOBA. This tool is reliable, free of cost, and hence, safe to utilize. This software generally handles traffic regarding online games. Also, this tool speeds up the connection of the online games and makes good coordination between gamers and servers. 

Moreover, this software provides you with a better online experience (gaming) without any lagging, decreasing intervals, and lowering the frequency pings. Also, it provides some packet losses. Well, this tool provides the best platform for gamers without any problems. 

Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex

This software is one of the most famous and is widely used by most players for boosting up their PCs. It is also a gaming platform that boots up gaming servers and it improves the performances of the games especially which occupy a large RAM on PCs. It is considered the best platform for online games and also, considered safe to use on PC. This tool helps to improve the performance of PCs to work more efficiently. Also, makes you enjoy higher framerates. Well, it also allows you to handle maximum FPS.

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However, it provides an automatic streamline for PCs and visuals for supported games. It also cleans up the residual files from your PC to improve their performance to make it work faster.

Wise Game Booster

Wise Game Booster

This is a free-of-cost gaming tool that boots up online games. This tool is easy and secure to use. This software stops the unnecessary running of apps all or separately at once. Also, this tool makes the PC work faster without bearing any interruption during playing the game. This tool also deletes junk files and hence, free-up space and memory. Well, it also creates a library where you can place your favorite games and find your games and enjoy them.

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner

It is considered the best graphics card software which is widely used for a good reason and is reliable. This tool works on any graphic card (even non-MSI) and also, can give you complete control. Well, it let you monitor your hardware simultaneously and this tool is free of cost.

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However, this software has overlocking tools which provide accurate and easy access to the settings of the graphic card. Well, the fan speed control will enable you to check out a perfect balance between the performance and temperature of a PC.


These are the best game optimizers and boosters for PCs accessible on the lookout. If you’re encountering any issues with your framework performance while running a game, consider putting resources into one of these product choices.

Many of them are allowed to use, while others offer free time for testing before you need to pay for a membership or lifetime access. Go ahead and test them out to see which one best suits your necessities before making any responsibilities.



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