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11 Best Free Slack Alternatives | 2022 Edition

  • Slack is a good cloud-based team collaboration utility that’s also a good alternative to Discord.
  • There are some downsides of using Slack, like it’s not fully encrypted, so the chats are not secured enough.
  • So I have created a list of 11 Best Free Slack Alternatives that comes with lots of good facilities with secure chatting.

Best Free Slack Alternatives

List of Best Free Slack Alternatives

Top Picks
Slack Alternative Unique-Feature Links
Microsoft Teams Integration with Office 365 and offers a totally free plan.
Facebook Workplace Offers free group and private video calling with unlimited history access.
Troop Messenger Encrypted Slack Alternative
Flock Good for sharing code snippets and team collaboration
Zulip A sophisticated Slack Alternative that’s used by Facebook, Google, Mozilla, and Uber.

Some Popular Slack Alternatives:


I was recently introduced to Chanty. It is a new social media app that allows users to post messages and have them answered by others within their network of friends and professional contacts.Chanty


The service has a number of cool features, including the ability for users to connect with experts in their area for help with homework or other, more pressing problems. For instance, I use Chanty when I need to find a good pediatrician for my kids.

Chanty also lets you make free calls to everyone else on the app. You can also share locations and photos with your friends while chatting.

It offers 20GB storage for sending files, but its free plan doesn’t allow you to make free VoIP calls. However, it’s good for individuals who like to keep a record of their chat history.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a brand new communication service that will revolutionize the way teams collaborate. It’s a natural evolution of Skype for Business and Office 365 Groups, bringing together chat, meetings, calls, files, and tools into one unified experience that makes teamwork easier and more efficient.Microsoft Teams

If you ask me, I would say that Microsoft Teams is the best alternative to Slack. Because it offers full management of tasks, which every business owner would like to access. Its integration with the Office 365 suite and management of tabs (Chat, Teams, Call, and Files) is what makes it more productive.

Also, it delivers a secure environment for users who want to chat with their coworkers and team members personally. And, it’s a good alternative to Zoom.


Bitrix24 is a cloud-based software solution that combines business collaboration and CRM functionality with social networking tools, team management tools, and project management tools to help companies of all sizes streamline their operations.Bitrix24

Although Bitrix24 is designed for small businesses, it has the potential to be used by much larger organizations as well. Because the team collaboration can be done from it, thanks to the support for services like screen recording and VoIP calls.

It contains quite a simple interface that is less complicated. You can simply select a participant from the left pane to initiate online collaboration. Bitrix24 works well for users who want a clean Slack alternative.

Facebook Workplace Groups

Facebook has launched a new feature called “Workplace”, which is essentially an intranet for companies to use. Companies can use it for internal communication, collaboration, and even sharing content publicly.Facebook Workplace

This could be the next big thing for businesses in 2015, as it gives companies the ability to collaborate easier online with employees across all departments.

Unlike most of the Slack alternatives, Workplace allows you to make group calls within the free plan. Whereas the VoIP calling facility is also available, you are required to pay any charges to make private and group video calls.

Facebook’s Workplace can be used on a device of your choice, you can use the desktop, web, Android, or iOS applications to stay connected with your coworkers. So I would be honored to say that Facebook Workplay is the Best Free Slack Alternative.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a recently launched app that allows users to send and receive messages to anyone in their contacts list. The app has an interface very similar to the popular group messaging app, GroupMe.Troop Messenger

The Messenger differs from GroupMe, however, by allowing users to send and receive messages without having to join or create a separate group chat. This unique feature of the app makes it ideal for use amongst friends or family members who may not be able to reach one another via phone calls or text.

It’s an end-to-end encrypted messaging app for teams. It allows you to communicate with your team in a secure way, and make sure no one else can read your messages. That’s why Troop Messenger is undoubtedly an encrypted Slack alternative.


Fleep is a messaging app that lets you talk with your friends, family, and colleagues in a fast, safe, and smart way. With Fleep you can share text, photos, and videos in group conversations. It’s the only app you will ever need to make your life easier at work.Fleep

Here’s how you can get started with Fleep:

1. Sign up for a Fleep account, which is completely free and only takes one minute!

2. Add your colleagues using their email address or phone number

3. Start conversations by sending them a message to see if they’re interested in meeting up over coffee or for lunch.

4. If they respond, you can schedule time together.

You will never face any complications while using Fleep because its services can be acquired on computers and smartphones. So you can rely on this real-time collaboration alternative to Slack.


Flock, the app that helps keep you connected with your friends through Group Events. This feature allows event organizers to coordinate their attendees’ plans before and after the event so that everyone can be on the same page. It makes it easier for event-goers to meet up with friends in a city where they don’t know anyone. It also allows them to easily find each other if they get separated during an event.Flock

It’s also a social networking app that helps you to meet new people nearby and see what they’re up to. Use your mobile camera to snap a photo of them, or use their shared image from another social network (like Instagram or Facebook) to get started. You can chat one-on-one with people who interest you, share photos and videos from your day, and more.

Further, Flock can also be preffered by developers who are interested in sharing code snippets with their fellow workers. Other than that, its free plan doesn’t contain any limitations, users can use it for as long as they please.


As of today, over 1.5 million people use the Twist app to organize their lives and gain skills that make them better individuals. The app has been featured in top news outlets including Forbes, Time, Entrepreneur magazine, and many more.Twist

Twist was founded to give you a fun, simple way to do more with your photos. Easily create beautiful photo collages, add text and stickers, and share them with your friends. For an even better way to share photos with friends.

With the free app for iOS and Android smartphones, you can choose from one of the awesome templates or make one of your own in just a couple of taps. With tons of free layouts including grids, you get to organize the app’s interface according to your choice.

However, the free plan of Twist doesn’t offer unlimited history access. But you can use it to stay connected with your friends, make tons of VoIP calls without worrying about the paywalls.


Jandi is aimed to help users develop their own community and to be able to share their ideas with people around the world. Users can connect with each other, collaborate on a project, or even find and hire someone for a specific task. Jandi looks like an app that could be a good way of designing your own projects without having to spend so much money.Jandi

The developers have added a Bulletin Board to help users create and design projects. They also use it to share their ideas with colleagues or employees, people that will help you achieve your dream tasks.


Zulip is the open-source, enterprise-ready chat platform used by companies like Google, Facebook, Mozilla, and Uber. Now is your chance to learn from an Open Source developer at Zulip about how he built his dream job working on one of the most popular free software projects in existence. Come for a day of learning and networking with other engineers!Zulip

It’s a powerful group chat application that makes teamwork easier. With Zulip, you can easily set up persistent communication channels for your team and keep everyone in sync without flooding email inboxes or leaving important information lost on someone’s laptop.

I would say that Zulip is the sophisticated alternative to Slack, its interface will keep reminding that you are collaborating for business purposes.


Missive is an intuitive and interactive communications platform specifically designed to streamline company messaging. One of the great things about Missive is that it’s completely free for business owners. Small companies can benefit from this too.Missive

Many new companies start out small and do not have a large budget for software. But Missive has such valuable features that even the smallest business can take advantage of all it has to offer.

It has been designed to make your life easier by creating a central place for all your communications. Because a business can benefit greatly from an online presence and Missive is a great platform to do just that.

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