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19 Best Free Drawing Apps for Chromebook [2022]

  • Lots of amazing Drawing apps are available for Chromebooks since you can download them directly from the play store.
  • But there are also some web-based drawing apps for Chromebook, for users who can’t access the play store.
  • So here, I will help you get familiar with the 11 Best Free Drawing Apps for Chromebook to use in 2022.

Best Free Drawing Apps for Chromebook

List of Popular Free Drawing Apps for Chromebook


A sketchbook is a blank canvas. It’s the perfect place to freely express your creative ideas and allow them to flow without limits.

The Sketchbook app gives you an easy way to capture and share your ideas with others by providing a digital platform where all of your sketches, drawings, paintings, and illustrations can be easily accessed at any time.Sketchbook for Chromebook


It’s the most famous drawing app for Chromebook, because of its user-friendly UI that’s good for both novice and professional users. Since it’s available on the play store, so users can also use it offline.

The main reason behind the success of Sketchbook is that users are not bothered by any lags or latency issues. It also lets a user enable the full-screen mode, so he can draw with full attention.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is a vector drawing app that’s built into the Adobe Creative Cloud, free to download and use.

It’s perfect for designers who are just getting started with Illustrator or are looking for a way to make quick edits while on the go.Adobe Illustrator Draw for Chromebook

This application works well for Chromebook users, thanks to its support for the mouse, keyboard, and touchscreen. Users can create multiple layers for creating a presentable drawing and sketch with a free hand.

It consists of various onscreen tools, that can be used for creating famous objects easily. And the fullscreen mode is also available, so users can draw sketches with ease.


Sumopaint is an innovative, super-fast, and easy-to-use painting application for touch devices. It lets you turn photos into works of art with just a few swipes of your finger or mouse.Sumopaint for Chromebook

With Sumopaint, you can easily turn photos into works of art with just a few swipes of your finger or mouse. Likewise, draw and paint your photos using a wide range of brushes, pens, pencils, and crayons.

It’s a web-based drawing app for Chromebook that you are allowed to use for free. I’m mentioning this drawing program so that users who can’t access Play Store on Chromebooks can also benefit from it.


Aggie.io is an online tool to help you visualize your ideas and get feedback from anyone. It helps you create mindmaps, flowcharts, and other diagrams that are extremely easy to share with others.Aggie.io

You can even draw out the process flow of a service or product on a canvas, and use a custom icons library to illustrate what it does or how it works in detail! You can also collaborate with your friends online for creating designs together.

With this web-based application, you can create animations and drawings using brushes and canvas tools. Even benefit from the multiple layering support to make your designs more astonishing.

Infinite Painter

There are many digital painting apps out there, but only one combines the power of a full-featured professional-grade painting application with the ease of use, affordability, and accessibility of Chromebooks.

The result is Infinite Painter, a powerful app that puts all your creative tools at your fingertips so you can create art anywhere.Infinite Painter for Chromebook

You would love how the touchscreen support works in Infinite Painter. The input response is quite fascinating so you will find it quite convenient in creating or drawing art.

A huge variety of brushes and geometric tools is what makes this app easier to use. And, if you are using it to create animations, you can take advantage of it by adding multiple layers.

ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X is easily the most powerful painting app on the market. It’s easy to use for absolute beginners and yet has a ton of features for advanced users.

This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to make art or just doodle in a fun way!ibis Paint X for Chromebook

I would personally recommend it to users who don’t want any mistakes in their drawings. Because its latency rate is much more impressive than any of the apps aforementioned.

It’s a fully-featured app that works well for every Chromebook user. On Intel-based and ARM Chromebooks, users can benefit from it without having to face any latency or compatibility issues.


Concepts help you to create your own concept designs using easy-to-use tools. Choose one of the four provided templates, and then simply drag and drop pre-made design elements into your design.

Concepts also automatically save all of your work in real-time, so even if you close out of the program, everything will be saved for you.Concepts for Chromebook

This application can be used for sketching as well as drawing. Thanks to the availability of brushes and tools that can be used to create designs on the canvas.

Support for Stylus and facilities like pressure modes is what you would like the most about Concepts. Because such services are quite beneficial in creating illustrations.


ArtFlow is an application that allows users to create art using their own photos. It’s a unique, creative, and fun way of expressing yourself through your very own artwork.

You can turn any object or person into many different styles of art, such as pop art, neo-impressionism, and more!ArtFlow for Chromebook

It has a wide variety of features contained within the app. You can choose from tons of different effects that are available including the Pop Art Effect and Impressionist Effect.

A good variety of brushes and tools are available, you are allowed to pick any tool you find appropriate for the moment. Lastly, I will recommend it to novice users, who are willing to be an artist.


Sketchpad is an online application that allows users to quickly and easily create a design. It has been designed to be used by anyone, even those with no knowledge of graphic design.

In addition, Sketchpad is easy to use, so you can get started right away.Sketchpad

The program also works on both Mac and PC operating systems, as well as in most web browsers of a Chromebook. It features many different prebuilt shapes for drawing simple or complex graphics.

I would recommend it for professionals because of the variety of tools available on it. The interface is a little messy, but you can create sketches, drawings, and vector images within a singular platform.

Boxy SVG

I have been working on a project that uses Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) to layout boxes and other shapes.

I decided to write about it since it’s an interesting problem that had no existing solution in the Rust ecosystem.Boxy SVG

A naive implementation would use a lot of memory for every glyph because each point of the polygon is defined by two coordinates (x,y). That means that for every pixel of your shape you need two 16-bit integers.

The reason for providing such details is that if you are willing to create SVG files with vector layouts, you would find Boxy SVG of great convenience. Else, it also contains all the basic tools for creating drawings and art.


Inkscape also stands with the top guns when it comes to the best drawing apps for Chromebook.

This app has very distinctive features such as flyout, anchor, smart navigation, color profiles, layers, and more.

You can use Inkscape to design very high-end paintings and logos.

The only downside to Inkscape is that it requires the latest version of Chromebook.

You cannot run Inkscape on a low-end Chromebook.


Krita is a free, open-source application that has been designed to help you create digital art. It’s available on all platforms, and it’s compatible with most major file formats, including PSD and PNG.Krita for Chromebook

In the past few years, Krita has become a full-featured digital illustration program. And it now comes loaded with tools for creating 2D animation as well.

To use this application on your Chromebook, you will have to enable Linux and Flatpak. Afterward, use the following commands to install Krita on your Chromebook:

sudo su
flatpak install flathub org.kde.krita

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