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Best Free Browsers for Android TV in 2022


The web started as something tactical on desktop PCs. As time has advanced, we are now using it on our Smart Android TVs, a device that was never considered to have the capacity to connect to an organization. This excursion is a perfect story yet maybe later. For the present, let us talk about the best free browsers for Android TV that can assist the users with surfing and perusing the web on their TVs.

Android TV is Google’s Android OS uncommonly streamlined for TV sets. What makes it even more novel is the plenty of highlights prepared for it. For instance, you could download and install all your favored apps from the Play Store or even sideload them from outsider locales.

Then it even has an implicit Voice Assistant that refutes the requirement for a remote for exchanging between apps, bringing down the volume, among others.


All things considered, it even accompanies an inherent Chromecast to take into account the direct projecting of your Android device over to your TV.

Yet, there’s one area that is left immaculate it doesn’t accompany a pre-installed program. While it isn’t so much that we would peruse the web on our TV every day, it may prove to be useful in certain examples.

As of late, I was going to start another series, however, before that, I needed to get hold of its IMDB rating. So I straightforwardly sent off the program on my TV, read the surveys, and afterward exchanged back to the show, all in only a couple of taps.

All things considered, this is only one of the many occasions where a program installed on our TV could end up being useful; there could be endless other such situations.

Best Free Browsers for Android TV

Best Free Browsers

Google Chrome

This is cross-platform (web-browser) released in 2008 and introduced by Google. It is fitted with a V8 (a more powerful & faster JavaScript Engine). This is a secure, fast, and easy-to-use browser, free of cost, and can be downloaded for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. This is considered the fastest web browser which helps you to provide an opportunity for searching for any kind of information. This browser with just only one click loads multiple tabs and apps with a much faster and lightning speed. This tool has the ability to load web pages faster (via using WebKit; which is called an open rendering source engine).

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However, it is considered a great web browser. Also, it has an incognito mode which helps you to browse anything on the internet without saving history and it browses privately on devices.

Mozilla Firefox

This firefox was created by Mozilla Foundation and is fast, free of cost, and an open-source browser. It uses Gecko (open-source rendering engine), which executes the latest and expected web standards. It works more efficiently irrespective of how many tabs you have opened and also, protects your security and privacy. Well, it offers you a good and safe browsing environment and also protects your device from any malware. It has tons of customization options and has security features like Anti-phishing and malware protection. This browser has some features like an Ad-free reading mode, Hello video chat, tracking protection in Private browsing mode, a social sharing tool & so on.

Puffin Web Browser

This is the only server-side browser that was released in 2010 and is created by CloudMusa. This web browser is subscription-based and for content processing, uses encrypted cloud servers. This browser is also free of cost and has the fastest speed (i.e., wicked fast) to browse anything. This browser is considered to be the fastest browser because of the cloud. It also provides its users a reliable solution i.e., Flash. This browser has some features like the fastest JavaScript engine, Ad-blocker facility, Adobe Flash support, fastest loading speeds, and so on. This browser can also on regular browsing saves upto 90% of bandwidth. 


This is created by Opera company and is a Chromium-based browser. It is a multi-platform that helps you to browse anything faster. This browser is considered a reasonably safe browser and works to improve its security. It also protects your privacy and data from any kind of malware. This browser has some built-in features like an ad-blocker, free VPN, integrated messengers, crypto wallet, and so on. Its working performance is much faster without any kind of interruptions.  This browser is made to work smoother, faster & distraction-free which could result in a much better online experience. This browser also offers to save the web content more easily and also, an opportunity to share it visually.

Microsoft Edge Browser

This web browser was introduced by Microsoft (first released in 2015) and is a cross-platform that helps you to browse anything more fastly. This browser is free of cost and its intuitive interface makes it easier to search out various software functionalities. Despite being the most overlooked browser in history, yet it is used the most to download other browsers. As compared to the PC version, the Android version is much better and relatively user-friendly. You can download it for free, sync it using your Microsoft ID and get all your bookmarks on your Android device. Moreover, it is much lighter than chrome or any other browser, it won’t take much space on your device either.


So this is all from this aide on the rundown of the absolute best programs for your Android TV. We have referenced an aggregate of eight different programs; be that as it may, out of them, Puffin came out without a hitch.

Its similarity with Android TV Remote and the way that the remote could straightforwardly download it from the Play Store is deserving of appreciation. Additionally, composing in URLs by means of a remote has forever been an awkward errand. Be that as it may, with Puffin, you could without much of a stretch do as such by sharing and filtering a QR Code.

In any case, Chrome appears to have felt shy of assumptions. Its absence of help for Android TV remote and, all the more shockingly, its nonattendance from the Play Store are two of the main angles that Google needs to address at the soonest.
On that note, we adjust this aide. Do tell us your favored Android TV program.

Finally, here are the suggested internet browsers for your PC and cell phone that you should check out.



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