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Best Flash Drives For iPhone in [ March ] 2022 – Backup Or Transfer Data


Here you will find the Best Flash Drives For iPhone. You might be wondering why would someone need a flash drive for their iPhone or iPad. The reason behind this is that the old iPhone model used to come with 16GB of base storage. Which is extremely low for someone in 2022. After that Apple boosted the base storage to 64GB but for hardcore iPhone users, this storage is also not enough. That is why here you will find the best Storage devices for iPhone.

With these storage devices, the users can transfer data quickly and free up space on their iPhones. Moreover, the user can also carry a Flash drive anywhere and utilize the content of the flash drive on their iPhone without any hassle. There are many reasons to use a flash drive with an iPhone. And it can help the user in many ways. But here I have added the top USB Flash Drives, that provide reliability, Fast data transfers, and a strong body that can protect the flash drive from breaking.

Best Flash Drives For iPhone in 2022


Features Of Using A Flash Drive With An iPhone

Here are some of the advantages of using a Flash drive with an iPhone.

  • Users can directly backup their devices on Flash Drive.
  • Files are easy to access.
    • Just connect the flash drive and open the File Manager app. Here you will see the Flash Drive and you can open it from here.
  • The USB drive can be encrypted for additional security.
  • Photo and videos can be captured directly on the Flash drive.

Best Flash Drives For iPhone in 2022

If you are looking to buy a USB flash drive, then why don’t you check some of these USBs that are compatible with your iPhone. You never know, if you ever need it but it is a good accessory that can transfer large files and is compatible with an iPhone. There are thousands of options if you are looking for iPhone-compatible USB flash drives. However, the USB drives mentioned in this article are reliable, provide fast transfer speed, and are durable.

Following are the Best Flash Drives For iPhone in 2022 and you can easily purchase them today.

  1. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone
  2. iDiskk iPhone Memory Stick
  3. iKlips C USB-C and iPhone Lightning Flash Drive

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone

SanDisk is a world-known name if we talk about storage and USB drives. Almost everyone in the world has seen or used a SanDisk USB Flash Drive. This company provides the best durable products that last forever if used safely. The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone is a well-designed USB flash drive, there is a flexible lightning connector that can fit through any iPhone case.

Best Flash Drives For iPhone in 2022

This flash drive is compatible with iPhone 5 Series and all later iPhones and iPads. Get the best data transfer speed with USB 3.0, connect the USB stick with your iPhone and with your computer without using a dongle. Moreover, when every user connects this USB with an iPhone, the user will be asked for automatic backup or Photos and Videos. The same backup file will be updated whenever the user backup the iPhone.

Key Features

  • Free up space.
  • Automatic Backup.
  • Directly save Photos and videos when captured or recorded.
  • High-speed data transfer with USB 3.0

Price: $33.49 (Amazon)

iDiskk iPhone Memory Stick

iDiskk iPhone Memory Stick is an MFi Certified USB drive. This means that this USB flash drive has the capability to support every file doc on the internet. With this USB drive, users can quickly transfer photos and videos from iPhone to the USB. Moreover, users can also watch a movie or listen to songs that are available on the USB drive, without using wires or cloud services.

Best Flash Drives For iPhone in 2022

Enjoy fast transfer speed as iDiskk 128GB MFi Certified iPhone flash drive is using USB 3.0. This can transfer 1GB HD Video in 20 seconds. This flash drive is made from a metal body that is strong, there is also an App software that can allow the user to encrypt and decrypt the USB drive. Moreover, there is also a 24 months worry-free warranty.

Key Features

  • Password protection.
  • Encryption protection.
  • Fast Data transfer speed.
  • USB-3.0
  • Auto backup of photos and videos.
  • MFI certified.

Price: $39.18 (Amazon)

iKlips C USB-C and iPhone Lightning Flash Drive

iKlips C is the smartest all-in-one USB with an MFI certificate. This brand was the first to receive the MFI certificate from Apple. This product is made just to be used by Apple products. With iKlips C the user can enjoy transferring file, as the process is quite smooth and fast. This product supports iPhone 5s and all later iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS devices. iKlips C with USB C is compatible with all the latest Mac devices.

Best Flash Drives For iPhone in 2022

Moreover, there is an app that comes with this USB drive. With the app, users can view and organize the data of the USB. The data of the iPhone and iPad can also be organized. The app is available on the Apple App Store and it goes by the name of iKlips App. I personally love the design of this USB device, as it looks quite modern.

Price: $179 (Amazon)


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