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10 Best File Comparison Tools for Windows PC – March [2022]

  • Diff Tools are provided to help users locate duplicate files.
  • Such software is designed to run algorithms to provide a result containing the similarities between two files.
  • I present to you a list of 10 Best File Comparison Tools for Windows PC.

Best File Comparison Tools for Windows

On every device, users install copies of files, without having to acknowledge the fact that they already exist on their system. In that case scenario, it becomes easier to locate duplicate files with the help of a Diff Tool.

What is the Best File Comparison Tool?


A variety of File Comparison Tools is available in the market. So by narrowing down the available list and I have enlisted the 10 Best Diff Tools that you can get on your Windows computer.

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List of Best File Comparison Tools for Windows PC


Diffuse for Windows

The diffuse tool is an important part of data analysis. It helps to identify patterns in big data and make better decisions as a result. It can be used for a variety of different applications, such as marketing, finance, and healthcare. As big data continues to grow, the demand for data analysts who can use the diffuse tool will also continue to grow.

Diffuse allows one to make a text-by-text comparison by implementing the algorithms that are designed to discover plagiarism in documents. You can also use it to merge and edit documents to make them free of comparisons to be located by any end-user.


  • Easy Navigation
  • Full-text comparison
  • Instant editing of files


  • Not many customization options
  • Not great if you want to check the comparison on a daily basis.

Price: Free


Pics.io for Windows

Pics.io comes with a visual Diff Tool, allowing users to locate duplicate image files. It also consists of a cloud-based DAM (digital assets management), letting you confirm the real identity of a media file.

Further, you can use it on images, sketches, videos, and PDF files. And it gives you a full comparison of similar files by presenting them on a singular interface.


  • Comparison of files by scaling
  • Lets you understand the background editing done used for creating a duplicate file
  • Onscreen commenting to start a discussion
  • Good for collaboration


  • Not good for beginners

Price: $18/month


Meld for Windows

Meld merges multiple sources of files into a cohesive whole. With it, you can combine changes from different developers on the same file, visualize differences between versions, and merge changes quickly and easily. It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it’s free for open-source projects.


  • Comparison of more than two files at the same time
  • Merging and editing done from a singular window
  • Folder comparison
  • Good file management while comparing files and folders


  • Only recommended for professional users

Price: Free


Araxis for Windows

Araxis Merge is software that helps two or more people work on the same document at the same time. It can be used to compare different versions of a text, combine different texts, or merge entire folders of files.

It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Merge has several features that make it unique. It can compare text side by side, so you can easily see the differences between two versions of a document.


  • Source codes, XML, and web pages formats supported
  • File comparison of Word, Excel, PDF, and RTF files
  • Comparison of 3 files at the same time


  • Not recommended for comprising visual files

Price: A one-time payment of $119


DiffNow for Windows

If you’ve ever needed to compare or merge multiple files, you know how difficult and time-consuming it can be. And if you’ve ever tried to do this on a remote server, you know how impossible it can be. That’s where DiffNow comes in.

DiffNow is a software program that allows you to quickly and easily compare files – regardless of their location. Not only does DiffNow make file comparison simple and straightforward, but it also produces 100% accurate results.


  • Instant file Diff tool
  • Fascinating comparison reports
  • Allows to save results and share them
  • Good for textual, source code, and archived file formats.


  • Only good for text-based documents
  • 2048 KB file size limit
  • The free version only allows 5 comparisons a day

Price: Free and the pro version to bypass the software limitation costs $2.99/month

Text Compare

Text Compare for Windows

Text Compare can be used to differentiate between two text files. It allows you to add text from two different documents to make a fully detailed comparison.

Once you have added the texts, you can then locate the plagiarism in them. The plagiarised content is highlighted in blue, making it easier for you to compare them.


  • Available Online
  • Share compared file via email
  • Instant text Diff tool


  • Not a fully-featured File Comparison Tool
  • Dull interface

Price: Free


Diffchecker for Windows

Diffchecker can be used to compare both images and text-based files. And, you are not required to install it to benefit from it, because its services are available online.

For image comparison, you can add two similar images and use the onscreen scale to locate the differences between them. The slider and comparison tool works perfectly in discovering the hidden truths of an image, video, and PDF file.


  • Good tools for comparing images
  • Easy to use and work with
  • Supports various file formats like images, documents, as well as folders.


  • Not good for office work
  • Doesn’t work well with sketches and videos

Price: Free and Pro version costs $9/month.

Compare Suite

Compare Suite for Windows

A fully featured software for professional usage, Compare Suite provides the opportunity of comparing two files using different tools like keywords search, allowing you to locate the main differences in your text, source code, and XML files.

The software also highlights the similarities in your documents and helps you in upgrading them directly from its interface. You can use it for Word and Excel files.


  • Featuring keyword and syntax analysis
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Zipped archives supported
  • Good for office-based users and professionals


  • A little difficult to be used by novice users
  • Not a user-friendly UI

Price: Free and Pro version for $70 one-time payment.


WinMerge for Windows

Recommended for programmers, WinMerge allows one to locate the duplications as well as corruptions in the source code. So it’s a win-win for code developers who never want to merge similar or corrupted code files.

Further, you can merge two different files with one another directly from the program’s interface. And before having the merge the desired files, see the differences highlighted by WinMerge.


  • Can compare up to three files
  • Document and file comparison
  • Cross-Platforming supported


  • Only available for Windows
  • The interface is a little outdated

Price: Free

Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare for Windows

An all-in-one file comparison tool that allows you to compare every kind of file is Beyond Compare. Without having to bother you with any limitations, it allows you to compare whole file directories and cloud drives like Dropbox and Google Drive.

You can compare the whole folders and files in between them, and allow the software to highlight the duplicate files for your convenience. All in all, it’s a great suite for users looking for a Diff Tool with all the beneficial features.


  • Good comparison tool for whole file directories
  • No limitations on scans and file sizes
  • Edit and merge files
  • Provides details reports of scanned files
  • Allows synchronization of files


  • Limited formats supported
  • Not many options after you have compared a file

Price: $30 per month

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