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13 Best Epub Readers for Windows [2022]

  • Epub Reader is a program used to read e-books on electronic devices.
  • It is more compatible than PDF, thanks to its XML-Based support for multiple operating systems.
  • I’ll help my readers recognize the 13 Best Epub Readers for Windows 11 and 10.

Best Epub Readers for Windows

Even Kindle devices can’t run Epub file formats directly. A user has to go under certain criteria of converting the files into Mobi extension. But Windows users have the luxury of using programs to access and view Epub files on their system. So in the following section, I will be discussing some Epub Readers that can be used on Windows PC.

List of Best Epub Readers for Windows:

All the aforementioned Epub Readers are tested by our team. So you can try them out, without having to worry about any scams. And you’ll encounter that most of the mentioned Epub Readers on Windows PC are free to use.



The first program on our list is Calibre, I have started with this program because of its vast compatibility with the Epub formatted files. Users can not only read their ebooks but also perform certain operations to manage them.Calibre for Windows

It contains all the basic services that you would want from an Epub Reader. You can download your desired Epub files, transfer them from one device to another, even get the covers of your desired books. And all of such services come in for free, you are not required to pay any extra money to take advantage of any facility.

Calibre’s simple and user-friendly UI gives it the priority it deserves. You can use it for reading novels, magazines, and comics. In addition, you get to customize the metadata of your desired ebooks.

Sumatra PDF Reader:

In case you are not happy with Calibre’s slow performance, you have the option of using Sumatra PDF Reader. This reader also contains all the good services that you would want from an Epub Reader for Windows OS.Sumatra PDF Reader for Windows

You can customize your interface while reading books. Various appearance changes like background color and text scaling can be done without breaking a sweat. Further, you can save bookmarks to make them more accessible and advantageous.

As the program’s name is quite representable, you can read and access the PDF files in it. And if you want, start editing the added documents as you please. In addition, the program also supports other formats like CBZ and CBR for comic readers.

You can get this application for free, and it doesn’t contain any in-app purchases. Though, it can be preferred by users who like to use a lightweight application that doesn’t consume lots of disk space.


If the interface of a program matters to you, while reading e-books, then Freda will work best for you. Thanks to its huge library of themes that help you customize the app’s interface, you get to read your books without having to worry about the background and text’s appearance.Freda for Windows

This program gives you the option of selecting a theme of your choice. And if you are not satisfied with the free themes, you can go also buy some of the colored themes by navigating to the in-app purchases.

Because of colored appearance customizations, the application lags in various instances. And, it does not support the older versions of Windows OS. But if you are using a high-end device with Windows 11 or 10, you will not be bothered by such issues.

Icecream Epub Reader:

Icecream Epub Reader is the most famous program of its genre. Because it’s offered by the Icecream Studios who have authorized various category programs for Windows OS. So in their Epub Reader, they have introduced lots of great features that are hard to ignore.Icecream Epub Reader for Windows

One prominent feature of Icecream Epub Reader is that it can be used for online research of specific terminologies. Users can select preferred text from the app and search it on Google or Wikipedia. So there’s no need of typing the text individually in the web browser for which they would like to search for.

Other than Epub, this application also supports Mobi, FB2, and PDF file formats. So the same formats that are supported on Kindle can be accessed on this program. Another good thing is that it’s supported by the older versions of Windows OS.


Cover is more like an app that’s preferred by Comic Readers. Because it doesn’t lag while users are reading e-books with tons of images. So this application can be preferred by users who wish to read books with a colored themed application that supports text with images.Cover for Windows

One facility that attracts users towards Cover is its customizable interface. Individuals are allowed to perform various customizations to the app’s interface, to make their book reading experience more indulging. Further, they can manage their comic and ebooks on the same platform.


If you are looking for an all-in-one Epub Reader on Windows PC, you should try Kobo. It comes with all the good facilities, you would want to benefit from. But one of the most intriguing facilities is its online library that allows you to buy ebooks online.Kobo for Windows

The app doesn’t ask you to pay for its services, you can use it for as long as you please for free. However, you will only be required to pay for the ebooks you are willing to read. Also, you will find some book titles that are free to download and read.

Further, you have the option of customizing the interface, creating bookmarks, searching text online, changing themes, etc. You will also find the reading modes handy because they help you read your favorite books and novels without disturbing your eyesight.


In case you are looking for an app that contains some extra abilities like Kobo, you need to get Nook for Windows. It also contains a huge library of ebooks that you can buy and read.Nook for Windows

At the time of signup, you are provided with the option of reading the available ebooks for free. But when the trial period of 14 days end, you are gonna have to buy your favorite books or novels.

Some compelling facilities of this application are a customizable theme, synchronization of ebooks from one device to another, customization of text, and reading of classic ebooks.

Adobe Digital Editions:

In case you are only interested in benefiting from the products offered by tech giants, you should use Adobe Digital Editions. This product is specifically published for users who want to make their Epub Reading experience elite. It contains several services that are hard to compete with.Adobe Digital Editions for Windows

Users can access various Epub formats like Epub 3, so they don’t have to bear any compatibility issues. They can use the app’s services to claim services like buying or even renting an ebook on Windows PC. And, sync their data on the supported electronic devices.

This Epub Reader also contains various services like managing bookmarks, organizing the added ebooks, creating notes, highlighting content, etc. But you do need an Adobe Account to use it on your devices.


In case you want a fully organized library of ebooks, from which, you can collect preferred books for digital reading, Bibliovore is what you need to get. This application is available on the Microsoft Store, so you will not be required to pay any additional charges to get it on your system.Bibliovore for Windows

It comes with some built-in services that are hard to ignore. You can use it to customize the ebook’s metadata and the containing text as well. Both day and night modes are available for your convenience in reading, and you are allowed to change the font sizes as you please.

Another great feature is its ability to synchronize your ebook data on OneDrive. Such a facility is enabled by default, but you can change it if you are not ok with synchronizing your ebook progress on cloud storage.


You might find Bookviser quite interesting, because of its resemblance with the physical books. You would love the way it works, it allows you to select certain animations to make your ebook-reading look magical.Bookviser for Windows

All of the good services are available for your convenience, you can modify the looks of fonts, change spaces between them, and even customize the margin for further ease.

You can’t edit the metadata of the ebook, but do get a clean interface in Bookviser. It provides the option of managing ebooks in a user-friendly UI. And, you can get this application for free from the Microsoft Store.

Sony Reader:

Sony Reader is yet another good Epub Reader that allows users to read ebooks on their Windows PC. Its best facility is that it can be used to synchronize ebook data from one device to another. Because it’s also available for Mac and Android platforms.Sony Reader for Windows

Other than that, you get to customize your page while reading ebooks. You can view one page or enable the two-page reader for more convenience. Moreover, it also lets you save all your preferred content to Sony Cloud.


Here’s an application that doesn’t contain any lags or buggy behavior. EpubReader is a premium app to help you buy and read your ebooks on Windows PC. It lets you create your library of ebooks, and export your collections to disk space or OneDrive.EpubReader for Windows

The application allows users to download any amount of ebooks in whatever format they prefer. And once the file is downloaded, it automatically converts it into Epub format.

You won’t find any mistakes within this application, because it’s not free to use. You will have to pay $2.49 to take full advantage of it on your computer.


If you want a straightforward solution to reading ebooks on your computer, you need to use Readium. Because it’s a browser extension that can be used to read ebooks online. You can use it on the famous chromium-based browsers i.e; Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.Readium for Windows

This Epub browser extension also allows you to upload your ebooks and read them online. You will like to interface with this extension because it’s just way too clean. All you need to do is to get it from Chrome Store or Mozilla Store. You can install the same Chrome extension of Microsoft Edge.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading 13 Best Epub Readers for Windows at it’sDailyTech.

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