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Best Cooking Games For iPhone & iPad To Play In 2022


Want to teach your kids the importance of not wasting food and also teach them how to cook. Here I am going to tell you about some of the Best Cooking Games For iPhone, that you can download in 2022. While playing these virtual cooking games, no food will be wasted, and your kids will learn from the masters of cooking and using their personal recipes to create virtual meals.

Once your kid has mastered the recipe, then you can move to the next step and show them the cooking process in your kitchen. This way if they fail to create something amazing, a very little amount of food products will be wasted. Moreover, failure is the best way to learn and it will allow your kids to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

About Cooking Games

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Cooking games are in the market for people who don’t want to get their hands messy while they are in the learning phase. Cooking games are not only for kids but adults also. If you want to learn a new cooking recipe without messing it up in front of the guests, then people can also practice on these cooking apps. Different cooking apps contain different recipes and some also contain delicious deserts recipes.

Some cooking games contain recipes of popular Chiefs, including the complete cooking method and the entire recipe. With these recipes, you can create a 5-star cooking experience in your home. Improve your cooking skills and become the most famous mom in front of your kids. Or treat your loved ones with delicious food every time they come to the table for a meal.

Advantages Of Playing A Cooking Game

Here are some of the key advantages of using a cooking game on iPhone.

  • Learn how to manage time while cooking.
  • Learn new recipes, and give them your personal touch.
  • Provides a relaxing way to pass time.
  • Find authentic cooking recipes.
  • Find top chef’s recipes.
  • Learn about spices and other ingredients.
  • Learn about proper cooking equipment.
  • Learn to create a three-course meal every time you enter your home kitchen.
  • Learn other related skills.

Best Cooking Games For iPhone

Which Cooking Apps Will You Find Here

Here is the complete list of apps that I have explained in this article. This list is in the top to bottom format, and the best cooking app selected by our team is on the top of the list. Moreover, I have also added a description of every cooking app, that will provide a clear overview of each app. This overview will help you in refining your search for the Best Cooking Games For iPhone in 2022.

  1. Cooking Dash
  2. Cooking City
  3. Cooking Mama
  4. Food Truck Chef
  5. Cooking Madness
  6. Cooking Fever
  7. SpongeBob

Best Cooking Games For iPhone & iPad To Play In 2022

Here is everything that you will find relating to the Best Cooking Games For iPhone & iPad To Play In 2022. Read the provided information carefully, as I have added all of the information regarding the apps if they are premium or have any unique features. So without taking any more of your time here are the descriptions of every cooking app on the list.

Cooking Dash

This game comes with a great storyline, as your character cooks in reality TV and makes her way to become the most famous TV chef. Here your character is creating amazing meals. And in this way, you can increase your cooking skills, learn time management, and become a famous TV chef. This game contains hundreds of episodes, in each episode you have to create new dishes and even deserts.

Moreover, after completing any episode you will earn rewards. With reward money, you can purchase new ingredients and appliances. You can also purchase upgraded stovetops or a separate fancy table for creating modern or expensive dishes. Every step you perform in the game will be from a real-life kitchen. Every step is learning progress and there is always something new to learn about in the kitchen.

Best Cooking Games For iPhone

Become the master chef of your kitchen and become the most popular reality TV cooking host. Moreover, there are many instant prizes, play spin and win, and other small games to win exciting prizes. Change the outfits of your character or get new pets to play with them when you are waiting for the meal to prepare. Moreover, you can also test your skills you participating in the online cooking competition.

Win against your friends or other people playing the same game. Win the game with 4 or more stars to unlock new levels of competition. Play multiplayer with your friends challenge them, new cooking venues every time you challenge your friends. Additionally, the Cooking Dash game is free to play, but there are some in-app purchases that you can perform to purchase premium equipment and items.

Cooking City

Learn the most popular food items in the world. Cook and serve global cuisines to become the MasterChef. In this game, you can make your cooking empire and serve your delicious food to hungry customers. Also, explore the world, and travel to different cities to learn new recipes, and dishes. Travel from restaurant to restaurant in different cities, and learn about the taste and recipes of new dishes.

Best Cooking Games For iPhone

While playing the game you can learn new recipes to find the authentic flavor of new dishes. From making a classic coffee be following different methods from around the world can change the taste and the experience of the user. Learn new and improved recipes and change the flavor of your mouth. Learn to create extraordinary cuisines and learn the recipes of populate chiefs while playing The Cooking city game.

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is a family-friendly game that everyone can play. In this game, you will learn about creating many foods. Learn about baking, Chopping, and stews. Also, gain access to some authentic recipes for creating your favorite dishes. The Cooking Mama game comes with an amazing storyline and users can stay focused on coking for a long time.

Best Cooking Games For iPhone

Key Features of Cooking Mama

  • Play fun cooking mini-games.
  • learn 30 recipes.
  • Harvest fresh plants.
  • Bread fishes.
  • Use fresh it’s for creating delicious foods.
  • Many non-cooking mini-games.
  • Challenge other players and show you cooking and other skills.
  • Learn multiple skills from one game.
  • Decorate your kitchen and purchase new appliances.
  • Cobine recipes to create super luxury food dishes.
  • Watch real cooking videos.
  • Watch the real animal video and learn to feed and clean them.
  • Learn to bread animals.
  • This game is for both kids and adults.
  • Share videos of your gameplay on social media platforms.

Food Truck Chef

Travel the world in your kitchen on wheels. In this game, you are the driver and the chief of your food truck. The storyline takes you on a trip, where you will travel the world to learn about local food and its recipes. Moreover, in the way, you will also be practicing your cooking skills by feeding hungry people that you meet. Moreover, you will be making, pasta, pizza, sushi, kebab, and other popular dishes.

Best Cooking Games For iPhone

Key Features Of Food truck Chef

  • Learn more than 700 recipes from around the world.
  • Visit 17 locations worldwide.
  • 680 cooking levels that you can master.
  • Join the food truck carnival and beat other players from around the world.
  • Build your own restaurant chain while traveling across the world.
  • Travel to popular locations with popular local foods.
  • Customize your truck while traveling to add support for other food items on the menu.
  • Earn money and use it to buy cooking-related items.
  • Unlock achievements to upgrade your game character and skills.
  • Join seeking events to win coins and gems.

Cooking Madness

Do you want to learn about new dishes and their recipes? With Cooking Madness you can become the MasterChef in your home and the game. Try out the latest MasterChef recipes, learn time management, and have the best cooking experience. In the game visit new restaurants in new cities and learn their special recipes. Beat those restaurants by making a delicious dish and also learn their recipes after their defeat.

Best Cooking Games For iPhone

Key Features of Cooking Madness

  • Explore new restaurants worldwide.
  • Learn their special dishes and also get their recipes.
  • Manage new restaurants and increase the popularity of the restaurant by feeding delicious food to the customers.
  • Unlock new recipes and dishes on every level.
  • Easily practice your skills and learn time management.
  • Earn coins and get tips.
  • Purchase new and improved appliances.
  • practice in hush hour to improve your cooking and time management skills.
  • Endless missions and challenges.
  • New updates on each level.
  • Play on iPhone and iPad.
  • Many contests and mini-games to participate in.

Cooking Fever

The Cooking Fever game contains the most number of locations and the most number of recipes for you to learn. However, this game is in the sixth position on our list. The only reason is behind this position is the lag that I feel while playing the game. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but still, this game has taken the sixth position among thousands of similar games. Moreover, this game is also rated in the top 25 in strategies games.

Best Cooking Games For iPhone

Key Features Of Cooking Fever

  • Learn thousands of delicious dishes.
  • Select from thousands of delicious ingredients.
  • This app contains a huge collection of famous cuisines and their recipes.
  • Huge collection of levels with new food dishes.
  • Hundreds of upgrades are to be unlocked at each level.


The storyline of this game is amazing and it made me realize my childhood. What a ready person Mr.Crabs was. However, in the storyline, Mr.Crabs discover, that he can make a lot of money by expanding his business to other fast food items. And the only person you can cook the most delicious Crabby patty is the master chef of Mr.Crabs fast-food chain, and he is non-other the most famous SpongeBob SquarePants.

Decorate your restaurant and prepare delicious food items for the residence of Bikini Bottoms. Here, you will learn time management and can also test your skills in the SpongeBob kitchen. Fire up the grill and start preparing fast-food items. Server the food to the customers and make more money to upgrade your restaurant and to purchase new items that can help SpongeBob in the cooking process.

Best Cooking Games For iPhone

Key Features

  • Upgrade items and decorate the restaurant.
  • Collect new ingredients to use in your cooking.
  • Customize your character.
  • Limits-time events and games.
  • New mini-games are added every week.
  • Convert your restaurant onto a food truck and serve the ocean bottom with delicious food items.
  • Free to play game.
  • offers In-App purchases.


Here you will find the Best Cooking Games For iPhone & iPad To Play In 2022. If you want us to include any cooking game that you love or have something new, then leave the name of the App in the comment section below. Moreover, you can also ask questions relating to this topic, iOS, and iPad OS. Thank You for your time, and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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