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12 Best Apps Like Dave to Get Advance Easily [2022]

  • Dave is an instant cash advance app developed for iOS and Android devices.
  • The app contains cons, one of which is the breach in the system, that caused trust issues.
  • So in this article, I will discuss the 12 Best Apps Like Dave to Get Advance Easily, using an electronic device.

Best Apps Like Dave

Dave provides a personal card to its users. The collected card can be used to make purchases. But the credited amount needs to be returned on the designated date, else, a user will have to pay an interest rate, depending upon the credited amount

There’s no denying that Dave contains some cons that are hard to ignore. First of all, it encourages you to spend money (which you don’t have). So when the credited amount exceeds, the transaction is made from the selected bank account.


This application also asks you to provide some confidential information, which some users are uncomfortable with. So if you are looking for the Best Apps Like Dave to get an instant cash advance, consult with the following section.

List of Best Apps Like Dave to Get Advance Easily

Most of the above-mentioned Best Apps Like Dave are free to use. But they do ask you to enter some personal information, so can secure their portal from scammers. However, you can install these applications on your smartphone, after viewing the details about them.


Earnin is a kind of interesting and unbelievable app that can help you get an instant cash advance. It helps you get $100 a day and depending upon your paycheck, you can get a loan of up to $500.Earnin App to Get Advance Easily

You are not required to pay any subscription charges, nor does the app forces you to pay any tips. And for collected credit, you don’t need to pay any interest.

But this application does ask you to provide your bank account details, so it could transfer the money directly to it. Long story short, Earnin can be considered as the best Dave app alternative.


Even works as a life planner for its users. Because it provides the option of getting paid before their paycheck arrives. Users can get 50% of their pay, before the date of arrival. They don’t need to pay any additional charges while returning the credited amount.Even App to Get Advance Easily

This application provides a plan for users who are willing to save and earn at the same time. It asks a user to select a specific percentage to be saved from their paycheck. The selected amount is put aside and users get to collect their earnings directly from their bank account.

It can also be used to manage the finances because it collects the data of a user’s expenses and instructs him/her to spend the money carefully and in cheaper places.

Once the credit has been transferred to a user, he gets to collect it from the Walmart MoneyCenter. And if a user chooses to keep using the app, he’s required to pay a monthly fee.


Brigit is more like the Even app, but it also contains some facilities to put an ease on the user’s shoulder. You can start using the app’s services by simply adding your bank account. No hidden charges are implied by the app team and you can get a loan of $250 a month.Brigit App to Get Advance Easily

Users are required to pay a monthly fee to claim the app’s services, but they also get access to some beneficiary tools to help them enhance their productivity. For instance, they can create a savings account and learn to manage their expenses for a better future.

If a user’s record is good and he has collected more than 60 points within Brigit, he can get a chance to collect a loan for other expenses like a car and home.


Chime is the biggest competitor of Dave. Because it delivers a chance to get an instant cash advance of $200 in a day. It can be used to collect credit 2-days before the arrival of an employee’s salary, without having to pay any interest.Chime App to Get Advance Easily

The app provides a good chance for users who are willing to create a good credit reputation. Because after creating an account Chime, you can also benefit from spending and saving account.

In case a user doesn’t spend much from his savings account, Chime adds an interest amount to the account. The percent of the added interest of 0.5%.


FloatMe offers a chance to get less credit of about $50, but that’s good in its way. Because it doesn’t burden its users with the amount of money, they don’t currently have. In addition, it notifies you whenever you are spending more to help you stay protected from overdrafts from the bank.FloatMe App to Get Advance Easily

To use the application, you can subscribe to a 30-day trial. And if you don’t cancel the subscription, you will have to pay $1.99 a month. Else, you can simply start using the app’s services after connecting your bank account with it.


Payactiv is more like getting your money before the day of its arrival. This app lets you collect your paycheck before it’s transacted into your bank account. So when the real day of your paycheck comes, it collects the credited amount without having to bother you.Payactiv App to Get Advance Easily

A user is never asked to pay any credit or interest charges to collect a paycheck loan. Not even pay for any subscription to take advantage of Payactiv’s services. Simple attach his bank account and job title to get started.


MoneyLion is more like an instant cash advance that offers a loan of $250 a day. But a user needs to be eligible to get the requested credit, he needs to create a checking account on this platform.MoneyLion App to Get Advance Easily

The app doesn’t contain any hidden charges nor it changes any interest on the credited amount. You can use it for getting an instant loan. Further, it contains a facility named Safety Net that can be used to collect a $1000 loan from RoarMoney.


Branch is not just considered as a good alternative to Dave, but it provides even better services. Because its application doesn’t ask a user to pay any monthly charges. And, users can collect $500 of a cash advance before their payday.Branch App to Get Advance Easily

One thing that I would like to remind you of is that the Branch app requires an employer account. Else, it will not make you eligible for the program.

In some states, the application doesn’t collect any interest rate on the credited amount. As in some African and Indian states, you will have to pay interest and flat-fee, depending upon the credited amount.


DailyPay works as one of the most secured apps that can help you get an instant cash advance. But do remember that it’s employer-based, meaning, your employer can only make you eligible for the app’s services.DailyPay App to Get Advance Easily

So to get started with DailyPay, you will have to ask your employer to provide access to an employee account. Only then, you will be allowed to collect a credit with no catch. You can make online transactions five times a day and enable notifications to get notified about your account activities.


LenMe isn’t an instant cash advance app, but it does help users in getting a loan. It allows users to request a suitable amount of loan that a borrower would like to provide at good rates. The app works as an agent between the loaner and the borrower to avoid any complications.Lenme App to Get Advance Easily

To use LenMe, users are required to add their personal information, so the money lending process is completed with full trust. However, an APR of 12% and an organization fee of 1% are charged on every loan. But you can get a loan of $5000 by using the app’s services.

Axos Bank Direct Deposit Express:

Axos Bank Direct Deposit Express is also employer-based. It helps users in collecting the paycheck before its arrival. The requested amount is credited into your bank account, before the clearance. So you never have to bear the bank delays, just because of the holidays.Axos Bank Direct Deposit Express to Get Advance Easily

At the time of this writing, Axos Bank doesn’t have any smartphone application, but only provides online services. So if you are looking to benefit from this platform, the first thing you need to do is to contact your employer and ask him to sign-up to Axos Bank for his and your benefit.

Ingo Money:

Ingo Money is provided specifically for the convenience of employees who don’t want to get in huge lines, just to deposit their checks in their bank account. It allows a user to send a soft copy of the collected checks and see the dream come true. The submitted paycheck is reviewed and if approved, it’s transacted to the requested bank account instantly.Ingo Money App to Get Advance Easily

A standard fee of 2% to 5% is charged on the transacted amounts. But users can collect a loan of $5000, depending upon their work status. Moreover, all the debit/credit cards and PayPal accounts are supported by its app.

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