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Best Apple Watch Games Of 2022 That You Should Check


Best Apple Watch Games: The Apple Watch is an amazing gadget that helps the user keep track of daily routine, Health, and much more. Do you know you can also play games on your Apple Watch to blow off some steam? An Apple Watch provides a lot of options for the user to customize its display and add a lot of different games and applications. Moreover, by using third-party applications on the Apple Watch the users can also increase the performance of the Apple Watch and enhance Productivity.

That’s not all, there are many amazing and popular games, that can be downloaded on the Apple Watch. Moreover, there are a lot of games available for Watch OS 8 and later. I have tested and played many games on an Apple Watch. How the following are some of the top games, that you can get on an Apple Watch. From the following list, you can try every game and play the one you like. There are a lot of games available in the Watch Store, and you can easily play them o your wrist.

What Will You Find In In This Article?

Following are the Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021 That You Should Check. I have explained significantly about each app, so you can get a clear image of the game and its performance. So without taking any more of your time, here is the list of apps that you can get of an Apple Watch. Also, some of the following Apple Watch apps are paid and others are free, I have mentioned the price of the apps if they are paid or free.


Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021 That You Should Check

Here you will find the proper description of the apps in the list.

Note: To add games to the Apple Watch, you have to download them on your iPhone or iPad, and then you will have the power to Sync those apps to your Apple Watch.

Note: In some cases, the user is required to log in or sign in to the app on their iPhone or iPad, before the user can start playing the games on an Apple Watch.

Pocket Bandit: (1.39$)

Pocket Bandit is one of the most popular games on an Apple Watch. This game has appeared many times on the top 10 and top 15 list of best Apple Watch games. Pocket Bandit is a puzzle game and the user has to perform Heists to collect treasures and much more. Protect your character from the police as you perform a heist.

How To Play: The user has to use the Digital Crown on the Apple watch to move the file on the screen, when you have selected a number, then tap on the screen to confirm it. Moreover, the Apple Watch will also vibrate to guide you about the accuracy of the number.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Tiny Armies: (0.99$)

Tiny Armies is an easy-to-play Lightweight game that offers a puzzling conquest. Swipe your units toward the enemy and defeat them. Easily plan your strategy and moves as you travel through mountains, rivers, deserts, and forests. Moreover, the user can play a Solo Game, or play with your friends. There is also an option to move to iMessage to play the Tiny Armies game with players all around the world. This game is also available on iPhone, iPad, and iMessages.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Rules!: (2.99$)

Rules! is a brain workout application for keeping your mind sharp and active. This game was the top game on Apple Watch in 2014-15 and has also received many awards in that time period. This game offers hundreds of deep puzzles for you to solve. The color scheme used in the game is eye-catching with the best use of Color Perception Assistance Mode. Moreover, while playing the game user can also set the difficulty level or play in the timeless mode.

The name of the game suggests the complete playing strategy. Rules!, just follow the simple rules and you will be able to win the game in no time. Moreover, the rules of previous games are applicable on the new level. And the rules will also be mentioned like Rule 1 or Rule 4. The best way to win the game is by learning the rules. Additionally, a fair warning for the players of this game. The Rules! game can quickly become difficult as you start completing the game levels.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Bubblegum Hero: (Free)

Bubblegum Hero is a free-to-play Fun game, that can help you pass the time if you are waiting for someone. Bubblegum Hero is a simple game that can easily be played on an Apple Watch. Moreover, you should also know that the Bubblegum Hero game is pretty addictive and the user may forget the time while playing it.

How To Play: There are only two moves that you have to perform. Tap and hold on to the Apple Watch screen to start filling up the air in the bubble gum, and release the finger to stop filling. All you have to do is to fill the bubblegum balloon to the dotted line. If you release too soon or late then the bubblegum balloon will burst.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Ping Pong: (Free)

The Ping Pong game does not need any introduction, as almost everyone has played this game in their childhood and many people are playing it professionally. With Ping Pong for Apple Watch, you can play the game on your wrist. Moreover, there are three difficulty levels to select from, there are also two modes, and each mode contained 60 plus levels. Additionally, 15 new levels are added to games in the latest update.

How To Play: Users have to use the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch to control the movement in the game.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Wordie: (Free)

Wordie is a fun game to play on your wrist. This game is placed in the Puzzle category, however, it is basically a word-trivia game. This game is for everyone and you just have to download it and start using it, there is no registration or login required.

How To Play: A set of four images will be shown on the screen. These four images will have one thing in common. All you have to do is to guess the Word based on all of the images you are seeing. If your answer is accurate, you will move to the next level.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Lifeline 2: (1.99$)

Lifeline 2 is the second game of the Lifeline Series. When the first Lifeline game was released, it become the most played game in more than 29 countries. For a lot of time, this game was also the number one game in the Apple App Store. The Lifeline 2 game comes with a brand new storyline which is twice as long as the original storyline. There are a lot of Options, Choices, and paths to select from.

Moreover, this game comes with the original soundtrack of Lifeline which is almost 28 minutes long. this game is also fully compatible with the Watch OS 2 and later versions.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Mini Watch Games 24-in-1: (0.99$)

This is a one-of-a-kind application that offers 24 mini-games. The user can play all 24 games one by one on their Apple Watch. Moreover, every game offered in this game is fully compatible with all of the latest versions of Watch OS. Here you will find games like 2048, Blocky Bird, Car Car, Stick Jump, Tennis, and many more.

Mini Watch Games 24-in-1 is an amazing game that offers games of different categories. However, as this single game is carried 24 small games, so sometimes, users may face some bugs or issues.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas!: (Free)

Dare the Monkey: Go Bananas! is a platform game, and by the name of the game we can see that you are going to play as a monkey character. The main objective of the game is to travel around the world and collect coins. You have to travel through different traps and meet new enemies, that you have to beat.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Chess: (Free)

Chess is a universal game and it is played all around the world by millions of users. If you are a brainiac and want to play Chess on your Apple Watch then you can easily download it. In this Chess game, you don’t only fight against a computer, but you can also fight against real-time players. This game is fully compatible with Watch OS 7 and later versions.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Jupiter Attack: (1.99$)

Jupiter Attack is a space invader game, this type of game is mostly played by kids. If you love playing this type of game then you should try Jupiter Attack. Here you will be the pilot of a spaceship and you have to fight against aliens, that are trying to take over our planet Earth. This game is also available on iPhone, and you can also play it there.

How To Play: The user only has to tap on the screen to fire bullets and bombs. Moreover, you can use the Digital Crown to control the ship in Outerspace.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Octopuz: (Free)

Octopuz is a brainstorming game to keep your mind fresh and active after a stressful day. The function of the game is very simple, there will an image on the screen of your Apple Watch. All you have to do is to replicate the image that is shown on the screen. By playing this game you can increase your memory and dexterity in your fingers.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games: (1.99$)

Arcades were a part of our life since the 90s, but in the modern era, most people miss the joyful time that they have spent in an arcade with their friends. If you are still interested in playing some arcade games on your Apple Watch, then you can download the Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games and enjoy some of the most popular arcade games of the 90s. The following games are available in the Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games including Snake, Galaxy Invaders, Pong, and much more.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Retro Twist: (0.99$)

Retro Twist game contains a lot of classic games like Thrust, Super Jump, Retro Race, Contra Pang, Circle Invaders, Moon Snake, Dual Brake, and Circle Brake. Moreover, these games also come with amazing Soundtracks, Music, Vibrations, and many more adjustments for enhancing your gaming experience.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021

Infinity Loop: Blueprints: (Free)

Infinity Loop Blueprints is a very simple and easy game. Just from the name, we can say that there are infinity loops, and we have to connect them accurately to make a shape or to complete the circuit. Infinity Loop Blueprints is a replacing game and you have to complete the loop to create an infinity sign. Moreover, there are five gaming modes to select from. Play any mode and get a chance to get on the leaderboard.

Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021


The list of Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021 has been completed. All of the above-mentioned games are currently available on the Apple App Store. Moreover, you can easily download these games on your Apple Watch and play them without any hassle.

This article was all regarding the Best Apple Watch Games Of 2021. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section below. You can also ask questions relating to iOS and iPad OS. Thank You and keep supporting ItsDailyTech.

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