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Best Android Apps of April 2022


Here are my top picks of Best Android Apps of April. As always first I try each app and game before adding it to my list.

Let’s start now.

Top Best Android Apps of April 2022:

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Today I will be sharing 6 Apps and 4 Games with you. All of these apps and games are worth trying.

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Universal Android Debloater:

No one likes blue wear or duplicated apps, you can’t uninstall or disable them.

That’s why I use a program called Universal Android Debloater.

Android Apps of April
Best Android Apps April 2022

Debloater to let me easily remove any system apps without root.

I just connect my phone to my computer, allow it USB debugging access, hit the refresh button, find the package name of the app, and click uninstall the program will close but the phone won’t have that happen anymore.

Plus every package name that you click on will let you know the app’s name down below.
Just in case you’re unsure.

If that’s the right package, Every app that you do uninstall will also be saved in the program just in case you want to restore it later. Pretty spectacular.

It’s free and doesn’t require root.

Universal Android Debloater supports almost every phone out there and the software is open source so it’s completely safe to use.


There are a ton of wallpaper apps for smartphones, but how about we show some love to your desktop, white papers, and bring you extremely high-quality walls for any widescreen monitor.

And when I say any, I really mean any.

Android Apps of April
Best Android Apps April

The best part is that there are so many different genres to choose from and surprisingly, there’s even a team pixel collection.

Which I really love to use to bring that material design. Your goodness to the big screen On the topic of material.

Dynamic Material You Icon Pack:

How about an icon pack that adapts to your wallpaper just like those found within the pixel launcher?

The name is Dynamic material You Icon Pack, compact and unlike Google, which only seems like 20 of your apps.

This icon pack themes over 11,000, that’s right.

Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps April

The credit majority of your app drawer will match the colors of your wallpaper plus they’ll even follow the system’s dark theme.

Now, I know there are other great icon packs that do the same thing.

But what I like about the dynamic material you icon pack.

It looks exactly like the official themed icons found within the pixels and it works the same way too.

Native Alpha:

For those unaware. Some websites can be turned into apps kind of They look and work like any other real app and you won’t see a chrome address bar at the top, but they are still websites.

These are what we call progressive web apps.

And unfortunately, you can’t turn every website into a web app at least by using Chrome.

But You can.

Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps April

You need to use native alpha to transform any website into a native full-screen web app.

Just type in the URL, maybe even give it a custom icon and then add it to your home screen.

It’ll work like a charm without any issues.

The best part though is that you can fiddle around within the settings to enable an ad blocker for those web apps block, all third-party requests, disable JavaScript and location access, and more.

It’s a complete goldmine and it’s completely free too.


Now that’s pretty hard to beat If you just so happen to have AirPods because maybe you just switch from an iPhone to Android or prefer them over the competition.

You probably know how limited they are on Android.

Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps April


They’ll still play your music and provide those extra few features like gesture control, but it’s still a whole different experience on iOS.

Capod tries to bring a lot of these iOS features back to Android for starters.

It shows you the battery level for the pods and case it also provides a seamless connection and brings up a pop-up whenever you open the case.

You’ll still be missing out on Siri or won’t be able to customize the double-tap gesture, but it’s still better than what you had before.


Some of you probably don’t know this but your phone, it supports a work profile that lets you duplicate some of your apps to separate them.

From your personal ones, some launchers, even add an extra tab within the app drawer to easily separate the work apps.

The only problem is that not every app can be turned into a working app and there isn’t an easy way to enable the work profile mode unless you use an app.

So what I use is shelter, it lets me easily enable the work profile.


The first one is called circlo0, It is a really fun physics puzzle game.

You swing back and forth to try and touch and outline the circle.

When you do reach that circle, the whole level gets bigger and reveals new shapes and platforms that you may need to use to reach the next outline circle.

Best Android Apps
Best Android Apps April

It’s a simple objective.

But something about it is just very mesmerizing and satisfying to play.

It’s just one of those games where you say this is going to be the last level I play.

But then you just end up playing a few more hours and sometimes it can’t get challenging which really asks the feeling of needing to finish the level With over 50 levels to play through.


Gumslinger is also a very addicting game that isn’t that hard to pick up you play as a gummy candy character that Jake goes around and your objective is to aim and shoot down the other opponent before they kill you.

Best Android Apps

It’s a classic 1v1 western-style dual and sometimes you’ll even have random objects blocking your way.

So you’ll need to be smart with your shots.

Every round is also a tournament of 64. So every time you defeat an opponent, you’ll get thrown into the next round until you die or you reach first place.

It’s super fun to play.

Oceans of Steel:

The main objective is to sail your battleship and try to shoot down the other bow before yours. Get to taken down.

Each time you complete the best two out of three wins. You do get a few extra tries if you felt the first time around.

It’s also nice that you can move your ship around to create a better strategy, for destroying your opponent’s, ship first.


That’s one of the biggest reasons why things get so intense within each match.

Unfortunately, I can’t see this becoming a pay-to-end title since once you start ranking up and anyone can just buy bigger and better guns ships, etc.

Haunted Laia:

Haunted Laia is not his action packed as the rest, but it does turn those gears in your head a lot more.

It’s a puzzle game that has a fascinating story.


You play as a girl named Laia, who accidentally moved into a haunted house with their family and eventually became missing.

Laia later wakes up in a creepy unknown place and she needs to figure out a way out Each thinks he interacts with can unlock different clues and objects to hopefully find other vital things to unlock the next room.

There you go, These were the Best Android Apps for April 2022.

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