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Fix: Battlegrounds Mobile India Not Working (2021 Guide)


Here are the best fix to Battlegrounds Mobile India Not Working on Android. If you are troubled by the game’s voice chat not working or high ping in BGMI issues, keep reading the rest of this article. I’ve added solutions to help you bypass the errors related to BGMI not loading/working.

How Can I Fix Battlegrounds Mobile India Not Working?

BGMI may deliver some error codes on your smartphone’s interface before loading properly. In case you are tired of bieng interrupted by the irritating issues that don’t allow you to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on Android, assist with the drafted workarounds.


Reduce RAM Usage

Every advanced game like BGMI requires undivided attention from your smartphone’s RAM. So if you are troubled by the Battlegrounds Mobile India Not Working issue, try closing the apps from the background. It’ll also help your decrease the RAM usage and allow you to enjoy your gameplay without any interruptions. And be sure that your phone has at least 4GB RAM if you want to enjoy smooth gameplay.

Change Default DNS

If you are facing a BGMI Not Loading error, it’s mainly because your DNS isn’t working appropriately with the connected network. So it’s better to tweak your default DNS to get rid of error instantly. You can use a third-party app named Cloudflare to play BGMI with a customized DNSBGMI not loading

  • Install Cloudflare ( on Android
  • Launch the DNS changer and enable the DNS customization toggle
  • Now relaunch BGMI and enjoy.

Install BGMI APK Properly

In case of a BGMI not installed error, install the app by implying proper procedure. If you are installing BGMI APK on Android, you also need to download its OBB file. That’s why I recommend you download the BGMI XAPK file with the OBB file. That’ll help you install the game with full package and you’ll not face any errors during its installation.

Tweak Network

To bypass BGMI Connectivity error, try performing simple tweaks. For instance, use apps like Cloudflare ( to customize the default DNS address. This’ll also secure your network and help you play BMGI online.

You can also change your location while playing the game. Try moving close to the network’s source. Like if you are using Wi-Fi, be near your router, so your device can pick the right amount of signals.

One different but easy way is to enter the DNS address by yourself. For that you need to navigate to Settings >> Wi-Fi >> long-press connected Wi-Fi name >> Manage Network Settings. Now implement the following steps:

  • Select Show Advanced Settings
  • Change IP Settings from DHCP to Static
  • Enter the DNS 1 and DN 2 fields respectively and hit SaveBattlegrounds Mobile India Not Working

Google DNS

  • DNS 1:
  • DNS 2:


  • DNS 1:
  • DNS 2:

Reduce Ping In BGMI

High ping in BGMI can cause a lot of trouble. It’ll not allow you to enjoy smooth gameplay. Several tweaks can be implied to fix the high ping issue in BGMI. For instance, it can be fixed by tweaking DNS values, changing network locations, etc. But always remember that high ping is caused due to poor network or game servers.

Clear Game Cache

A game like BGMI can consume a lot of cache memory. And if the cache memory of your device is filled with junk files, you need to clear it. This trick will help you in cases when BGMI freezes or lags. Meaning, if you are having troubles like your game lags or stuck a lot during battles, you should clear the BGMI cache.

Navigate to Settings >> Apps & Notifications >> BGMI >> Clear CacheBGMI freezes or lags

Reduce Phone Overheating

While playing a high-end game, many users face phone overheating issues. One big reason for this situation is the RAM consumption that’s mostly caused because several processes are running in the background. So you need to close the apps that are of no use to you to keep your phone calm for a while. Else, there are some other things you could do to protect your smartphone from overheating.

  1. Free Disk Storage
    One should know that BGMI contains 1.5 GB of disk storage. So in case, your smartphone has less storage, you’ll start to face errors and your device may get heated over time. It’s better to have enough free storage, so the game can download & install the nesscary resources for your benefit.
  2. Don’t Play While Charging
    If you want your device to stay active for a while, don’t use it while it’s connected to a charging source. Same implies to users, who don’t want their phone to heat up while playing BGMI on Android.

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