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Fix: Battlefield 2042 DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG [ 2021 ]

  • Battlefield 2042 is an FPS shooting video game offered by Electronic Arts.
  • Certainly, many users are annoyed by the Battlefield 2042 DirectX issues, received on Windows PC.
  • The Battlefield 2042 DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error also indicates incompatibility with DirectX and Graphics drivers, so I will discuss solutions to fix that.


Windows OS users have to go under certain criteria to avoid any game compatibility issues. But in cases when game and OS files are corrupted, players start to encounter various problems. Seems like Battlefield 2042 is no different, because of the DirectX issues that are troubling the players. So if you wish to fix this issue, assist with the following section.

How Do I Fix Battlefield 2042 DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG?

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Players need to think about certain possibilities, that could help them resolve the DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG on Battlefield 2042. They should widen their approach to fixing this issue because it can also be caused due to various reasons like GPU Overlocking, corrupted .Net Framework, corruption in DirectX, and missing Graphics Drivers. So by considering such scenarios, I will a guide that contains the methods to fix this error.

Update Graphics Drivers

Outdated graphics drivers can be a huge cause of this game error. So before performing any fixes, you should ensure that your device’s graphics drivers are updated to the latest version. If you are interested in reading the detailed guide to update graphics drivers, then click here. Else, simply execute the following procedure.

  • Launch the Device Manager from the Start menu.
  • Expand the Display adapters tab.
  • Right-click on the installed graphics card and select Update Driver
  • On the next interface, click on Search Automatically for Drivers
  • After completing the driver update, restart your PC.

Repair .Net Framework

Microsoft has gifted users with the repair tool for .Net Framework. It consists of a Framework Class Library that solves the corruption caused due to unknown reasons. So whenever you feel interrupted by graphics or DirectX while playing high-end games, consider using this software.

This utility is free to download, you can click here to visit the official webpage to download it. After downloading it, install it by following the on-screen instructions.

Reinstall DirectX

Maybe the only thing that’s troubling you is the faulty DirectX files that are unrepairable. In that scenario, masses need to consider reinstalling the DirectX on Windows PC. This action will also help them install the latest version, so the game doesn’t provide any incompatibility issues. So click here to get DirectX from Microsoft’s Download Center. And launch the downloaded file, to install the latest version.

Reinstall Graphics Drivers

Reinstallation of Graphics Drivers can be quite resourceful for users. Because it will help them remove any faulty or corruptions from the driver files, resulting in, they’ll be able to enjoy Battlefield 2042 smoothly.

  • Press Win + X keys and select Device Manager from the context menu.
  • Click on the Display adapters tab.
  • Right-click on the graphics card and select Uninstall Device.
  • Once the device drivers are uninstalled successfully, restart your computer and your system will automatically install the fresh copy of missing drivers.

Turn Off GPU Overlocking

Many players have enabled GPU Overlocking to boost the gaming speed on their computers. But sometimes such a facility can act as a curse, especially when you are playing high-end games like Battlefield 2042. So it would be better to keep this customization turned off, so your computer doesn’t have to work more than it has bargained for.

If you are not aware of the procedure to disable GPU Overclocking on Windows PC, you can assist with third-party programs like MSI Afterburner, to complete such a task for free and without performing any extra hassle.

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