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[2022 Fix] Auto Brightness Not Working on iPhone

  • Auto-Brightness gets adjusted by iOS according to light around the iPhone.
  • There have been complaints from users who are unable to facilitate themselves from this facility.
  • So here, I will discuss some ways to fix Auto Brightness Not Working on iPhone.

Auto Brightness Not Working on iPhone

The Auto-Brightness not working issue mainly arises when a user has customized his mobile’s settings.

Tweaks like enabling low power mode, disabling the Auto-Brightness from settings, outdated software, turning on the might mode, etc.


So if you have performed any of the aforementioned customizations or are tired of facing a dark interface on your iPhone, consult with the following section.

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How Do I Fix Auto Brightness Not Working on iPhone?

There can be various reasons for Auto Brightness Not Working on iPhone, it means that you may have to implement more than one solution to bypass this issue.

That’s why, by considering all the possible scenarios behind this error, I present to you some troubleshooting workarounds to get rid of it.

Update iOS

Outdated iOS software can be very problematic. It can cause numerous issues on your iPhone, which may never want to encounter.

So in my opinion, you should keep the Automatic Updates facility enabled all the time. And download & install any pending iOS update, when required.

Update iOS

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Go to the General tab
  • Select Software Update
  • Now, enable the Automatic Update toggle.
  • Tap on the Download and Install button.
  • Allow your system to update in peace.

Turn On Auto Brightness via Settings

It would be best to keep Auto Brightness enabled from the settings. Because it would also allow you to customize the screen brightness sensors, as you please.

Turn On Auto Brightness on iPhone

  • From the Settings app, navigate to Accessibility
  • Tap on Display & Text Size
  • Now, enable the Auto-Brightness toggle.

Turn Off Low Light Mode

The low light mode is good enough if you are having battery drain issues on your iPhone.

But since you are not trying to save battery, but to make the most out of your iPhone, you should keep this facility disabled.

Turn Off Low Light Mode on iPhone

  • Launch Settings and tap on Accessibility
  • Tap on Zoom
  • Go to Zoom Filter
  • Now to turn off low power mode, select the None option.

Remove Screen Protector

In case you have attached a screen protector on your iPhone, try removing it and check if that helps in getting back the Auto-Brightness feature.

Some light sensors don’t respond well to the screen protector, resulting in, them starting to detect wrong indications, so they never respond well with light around them.

Mostly this error arises due to faulty iPhone screen protectors. So to stay protected from such faulty screen protectors, try buying the products from online stores, that have good reviews from their previous users.

I’m not suggesting you use your iPhone without any screen protection, but only trying to say that you should buy quality protectors that work well with your iPhone’s sensors.

Turn Off Night Shift

If you are getting a dark or greyish display on your iPhone, while Auto-Brightness isn’t working, maybe it’s because of the Night Shift mode.

So if you have enabled Night Shift on your iPhone, it’s time to turn it off. This would help you ease your way in benefiting from Auto-Brightness.

Turn Off Night Shift on iPhone

  • Open iOS Settings on your iPhone.
  • Go to the Display and Brightness tab.
  • Tap on Night Shift to select it.
  • Now disable the following toggles:
    • Scheduled
    • Manually Disabled Until Tomorrow
  • Navigate back to the home screen and lock on your iPhone.
  • Unlock it, to check if now you are able to take advantage of Auto-Brightness or not.

That’s all, thanks for your time spent reading how to fix Auto Brightness Not Working on iPhone, at it’sDailyTech.

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