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Apple Maps Look Around Coming To Poland


Apple Maps Look Around is just like a Google Street View. This technology is specifically featured in Apple Maps and offers many unique features. Apple Maps – Look Around provides 360 degrees views of streets, houses, traffic, and much more.

This feature was first introduced in late 2019 on iOS 13. However, at that time only specific places were added and there was very little use of this amazing feature. But now Apple has upgraded its game and is offering this feature in many countries.

Apple Maps Look Around Coming To Poland

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According to Apple Maps – Image Collection, Apple is conducting ground-based research on vehicles and capturing images around the world. This collected data will be used to improve Apple Maps and will also support the Apple Maps Look Around feature.

Moreover, Apple has also released a statement saying that they will be conducting surveys by using ground survey vehicles for Apple Look Around in Poland. These surveys will last till august of 2021. Moreover, we have also found that many other European countries and cities will also get surveys this year including  Czech, Germany, Slovenia, and Croatia.

Apple Maps Look Around

How To Use Apple Maps Look Around On iPhone And iPad

This Look Around feature is very similar to Google Street View and in some ways more helpful. This amazing feature is available on iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Mac. In selected areas of the map, you will be able to view the 360-degree view of streets you can also move around the streets.

If you are in a country, city, or location where your Apple Maps have data for Look Around. Then you simply have to single press the binoculars button on the screen of your Apple device. To activate the Look Around feature on your device. Moreover, you can also use the information card to access the Look Around feature.

How To Use Look Around On iPhone And iPad

To use this feature on an iPhone and iPad you have to use some easy gestures. I have explained these gestures so you can understand them. Here is what you need to do.

  • First, you need to be in a country or city where the Look Around feature is available.
  • Tap on the binoculars button on the map or from the information card.
    • To pan, your view moves your finger left or right.
    • To move forward, press on the scene.
    • To zoom in or out, use the pinch gesture.
    • To view another point on the map, tap somewhere else on the map.
    • To view in the Fullscreen press the Fullscreen option.
    • To exit full-screen press the minimize button.Apple Maps Look Around

How To Hide Labels In Full Screen While Using Look Around

Enter full screen while using the Look Around feature. Now tap on the information card button at the bottom of the screen. Now tap on the eye icon. This is how you can remove labels on full screen while using the Look Around feature on iPhone and iPad.

List Of Countries Where Apple Maps – Look Around Feature is currently working

This list contains all the countries in which Apple is surveying and have completed its survey for Apple Maps Look Around.

  1. Andorra.
  2. Australia.
  3. Belgium.
  4. Canada.
  5. Croatia.
  6. The Czech Republic.
  7. Germany.
  8. Spain.
  9. Finland.
  10. France.
  11. Hong Kong.
  12. Hungary.
  13. Israel.
  14. Italy.
  15. Monaco.
  16. The Netherlands.
  17. New Zealand.
  18. Norway.
  19. Poland.
  20. Portugal.
  21. The Republic of San Marino.
  22. The Republic of Ireland.
  23. Singapore.
  24. Slovenia.
  25. Sweden.
  26. The United Kingdom.
  27. The USA.
  28. Japan.

Note: Not all cities of these countries are added to the Look Around. However, after some time many new cities and countries will be added to the list.

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