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How to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat not Working [2022]


Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat not Working? Here are some of the effective solutions to fix this issue. Apex Legends Mobile is here and the world is going crazy behind it. It is one of the most iconic projects by EA absolutely the level of FIFA alike feel is coming from this game.

This game is so highly detailed and the developers took months and years to make this game perfect.

Unfortunately, technology takes time to reach stability even after testing. The same issue arises within the Apex Legends. As the game is new so, there are some loopholes, issues, and bugs that are in the way of gamers and Apex Legends.


We covered many issues of Apex Legends previously, for example, Mobile FPS Drops, Stuck on the loading screen, etc. Today, we will guide you on how to fix Apex Legends Voice Chat not working. That seems to be a game or device software issue.

How to Fix Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat not Working

By considering some possible scenarios behind the Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat not Working issue, I present some workarounds to help you bypass this error.

Note: Before proceeding, ensure that your Android/iOS device isn’t connected to any BlueTooth audio devices like beats, etc.

Total Time: 6 minutes

Restart your Phone

It may sound crazy, but performing a soft reset of your phone can be very beneficial. Because during startup, there’s less interruption from the third-party services. And, your device ensures that all the necessary resources (including the microphone) get started from scratch.

For that, you need to long-press the side/power button, until you start seeing the Power options. Select the Restart option from the list of provided options.

Keep Mic Sensor Clean

May be Mic Sensor is not clean and another user can’t hear you. Or, there is a problem with your speaker so, you should clean both. A user should also focus on clearing the mic sensors.

These sensors are very delicate, so ensure that you are using any sharp-edged objects to clean them. I would recommend the sim-injector for this job because if you use it gently, it will not harm the sensors at all.

The mic sensors are available at the bottom of your phone, you need to get a pin, paper clip, or sim-injector (whatever you have got) and use it to clean dust from the mic’s sensor.

Update Firmware

Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat Not Working

After cleaning your mic sensor, if you are still getting the same Apex Legends Mobile Voice Chat not working issue, you should consider making modifications to the firmware of your device. In that case, just ensure that the latest firmware is installed.

1. From the App Drawer, launch Settings.

2. Go to the Software Update section.

3. In case of a pending update, allow your device to install it.

Before starting any software update, ensure that your device has at least 60% battery available.

Use Headphones

Why don’t you try using a headphone to confirm, whether it’s a software or hardware issue? Well, if you have headphones by your side, you should connect them with your Android or iPhone. Make a call then or simply record audio from the built-in app.

Give Some Time to Developers

As we already told you that the developers will acknowledge these issues first then they will rectify it. If the developers confirmed that there is an issue with the game Or, or other Apex players also facing the same issue then keep patience. EA sports developers will take their time and quickly launch the update after solving the issue.

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