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Android Phone Stuck in Safe Mode? Here Are The 6 Fixes


Entering the Safe Mode in Android has its perks. It can be beneficial a lot for users who never want to be disturbed by third-party apps while performing various tasks on phone. But once you have entered Safe Mode, you may get stuck because there’s no way out.

So here, I’ve listed six fixes to help you Fix Android Phone Stuck in Safe Mode. You can use the drafted solutions to boot your phone in the default mode without any questions asked. However, I’ll not be advising or promoting any third-party apps to complete this task.

How Do I Fix Android Phone Stuck in Safe Mode?

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Users are advised to assist with a bunch of procedures to turn off safe mode in Android. While staying in the Safe mode, they’ll only be allowed to access limited services and there wouldn’t work properly. So if you want to boot your phone back into the normal mode, assist from the presented guide:

1. See Phone Notifications

It’s a little odd, but many modern smartphones now give safe mode notification. When it’s enabled, you’ll get its notification inside the notification bar. So it’s better to check if that’s the case. And you can see its notification, tap on it and allow it to reboot in the normal mode.

2. Restart Android Device

Restarting a device is the best to turn off safe mode in Android. For that, you are only required to press and hold the power button until the restart options appear on your device’s interface. In case the restart option isn’t available, select turnoff. Now turn on your Android device after a couple of seconds.

3. Trick Your Phone

In case the simple solutions are of no help, you should try implementing a tip/trick on your device. This works on most of the latest Android devices.

  • Power off your Android device.
  • Turn it on and keep pressing the power button until you can view its company logo.
  • After seeing the logo, leave the power button and keep pressing the volume down button.
  • Once you see the Safe Mode: Off notification, leave the buttons, and let your phone restart in the normal mode.

4. Remove Defective Apps

It is a possibility that a defective app is the cause of the Android Phone Stuck in Safe Mode. To check if that’s not the case, you need to navigate into your phone’s settings remove the apps that may be problematic.

  • From your device’s settings, tap once on the Apps & Notifications tab.
  • Now hit the show all apps link.
  • Navigate to the app’s settings that can think can be problematic and tap on the Uninstall button to remove it.

After removing all the unnecessary apps from your phone, restart it to see whether if the tricks work for us or not.

5. Reset To Factory Settings

If nothing seems to work to fix Android Phone Stuck in Safe Mode, you need to restart your phone to factory settings. This will remove all the third-party apps and data associated with them. And it’ll change all the settings to default, so your phone could finally boot in the normal mode.

Android Phone Stuck in Safe Mode

  • Navigate to your phone’s settings and tap on System
  • Under Advanced, click on Reset Options
  • Afterward, tap on Delete All Data (factory reset) >> Erase all data

Once you confirm this action, your phone will start to perform a factory reset. So until it reboots, try not to mess with it.

6. Check For Hardware Issues

Your phone might respond laggy because of a hardware issue. For instance, the buttons could have broken at the time when you enabled Safe Mode on Android. The power button and volume keys are not strong enough, so try checking them as well. However, I recommend you to contact a technician that could check the issue for you. So there are some chances of it coming back into the normal mode.

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