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Download Android Multi Tools [2022 Latest Version]


Android OS allows users to perform tons of tweaks of which most users are unaware. You can flash the stock firmware and install a fully customized firmware of your choice. Even if you have forgotten the pattern lock, you can reboot your Android device to default settings. But for that, you need to Download Android Multi Tools.

The main benefit of using this unlocking tool is to help users bypass the FRP locks. To be specific, you can unlock your smartphone’s forgotten pattern, password, & Gmail ID. Even install the fully customized APK files on Android, so you can test them in developer mode.

How Do I Install Android Multi Tools?

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You can easily install Android Multi Tools on Windows by following a simple procedure. But first, you have to ensure a bunch of things, so you can properly benefit from this software. It is meant to benefit all Android users, but it also asks you to meet certain requirements.

Software Prerequisites

  • Android device with USB Debugging enabled (from your phone’s settings, tap 7 times on the Build Number. Once you can see the Developer Options, enable USB Debugging from it)
  • Supported Android USB Drivers
  • A USB cable to connect your smartphone with PC
  • The battery of your Android device should be above 60%
  • A PC with installed Windows OS


Download Android_Multi_Tools v1.02b (374KB)

Software Installation & Usage

The installation process of Android Multi Tools on Windows is quite simple. You just have to extract the downloaded folder and launch the program’s setup file from it. Once the unlocking tool is installed, you need to open it on your computer. And to use it, perform the following steps:

  • Before launch Android Multi Tools, connect your Android device with a PC using a USB Cable. (ensure that USB Debugging is enabled)
  • Once the device is identified by your computer, launch the Android tool
  • Select an operation by pressing the perspective numeric/alphabetic key. For instance, if you want to Wipe Data, press 5
  • Press the Enter key from the keyboard to execute the selected process.Android Multi Tools

FAQs About Android Multi Tools

Q) What Is Android Multi Tools?

A) Android Multi Tools allow users to perform certain tweaks on their handheld devices. The main advantage of this software is that it supports all kinds of Android devices. You can perform various customizations with your smartphone’s firmware, even if you have forgotten its passcode or pattern.

Q) Is Android Multi Tools Safe?

A) Using this software gives you certain privileges. And none of them are dangerous for your device’s health. However, if you are resetting/rebooting your device, try to create a backup of your important files first. Because once the reboot has started, all your data will be deleted from your device’s storage.

Q) How Do I Download Multi Tools On Android?

A) There are no Multi Tools on Android. In fact, you can’t use tools directly from your smartphone’s interface. You are required to use a computer from which you can control certain activities related to your device’s stock firmware.

Q) How To Check Software and Hardware Info?

A) Users of Android Multi Tools are allowed to check the software and hardware information of their device. If they wish to view software info, press the S key from the keyboard and hit Enter. Similarly, to see the hardware info, press the H key and press Enter to proceed.

Q) How Do I Reset My Device Using Android Multi Tools?

A) From the main interface of Android Multi Tools Latest Version, either press the 5 or 8 key and hit Enter. Such action will execute the data whipping process. If you are notified to confirm the action, allow the software to make certain operations with your blessings.

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