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Android 13 Update Battery not charging beyond 80% – How to Fix


Fixes for Android 13 Update battery not charging beyond 80%, it will arrive soon, Google Pixel users are already into it. Currently, the other brand smartphone users can try the Android 13 Beta on their flagships and mid-range flagship phones.

Samsung, MI, Realme, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oneplus, HTC, and others too can enjoy Android 13 soon after the global release.

Android 13 Update Battery not charging beyond 80%


People who are using Android 13 Beta are complaining about the Android 13 Update battery not charging beyond 80%. Well, we can say that this issue can be fixed after the complete update.

How to Fix Android 13 Update Battery not charging Beyond 80% issue

Here are some of the solutions for Google Pixel users. If they are facing battery not charging beyond 80% after Android 13 update issues, just need to try these solutions.

Turn off Battery Optimization

You should pause the ‘Optimizing for battery health’ feature on the Android 13 software, it is the new feature. You can find this under the Always-On Display feature or from the Battery section, visit the phone Settings.

Disconnect and Connect Charger again

This can be called the Asian Fixing Techniques. We Asians have one solution for all tech issues. Connect and disconnect the charger or Restart the device.

You what amazes us! this logicless trick works most of the time even in the hardware issues, you can say it is a coincidence or luck! We recommend the same to Google Pixel users. Restart your device once and plug the charger into your phone 90% chance that this time phone will charge beyond 80%.

Testing Charger and Cable

Pull out the cable from the adapter from the phone, plug it in the Laptop and then charge your phone through Laptop. If it’s charging it means the cable works fine.

Do you have another Android phone? Charge that phone with your current smartphone’s charger. If that phone is charging without any issue, it means there is no issue with the cable and adapter.

The issue is with the Android 13 update or your phone’s battery that is a hardware malfunction. You should check the loose connectivity or charging ports on your Pixel phone too.

Clean your phone’s charging port gently using a Hair Dryer or a small piece of dry cloth.

Let’s See What Safe Mode can do!

Boot your phone into safe mode and see what it can do for you.

  1. Press and hold the Power button.
  2. On the screen, tap and hold Power off.
  3. Tap OK to reboot into Safe mode.

Try charging your phone in safe mode to check either Google Pixel Phone charging beyond 80% after the Android 13 update. If it is working that you need to contact Google support for this issue.

Re-Enable Android System WebView

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your Android 13. Scroll down to locate and tap on the Apps option.
  2. Tap on All apps from the sub-menu.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Android System WebView’.
  4. Then tap on ‘Disable’ and confirm the popup.
  5. Make sure to Enable the Android System WebView app again on the device to reset it.
  6. Now the program is reset successfully.

Uninstall and Re-Enable Android System WebView

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Android 13 Smartphone.
  • Tap on Apps > Select All apps.
  • Go to the app store page for Android System WebView
    • There should be a link from its settings page.
  • Then select ‘Uninstall’ and wait for a few seconds, Once done! Tap on Enable and it will work right away.

Conclusion – Contact Support

The last option to solve any OS or Application Software-related issue is the developers of that product. If all of the above solutions failed to fix the Android 13 Update Battery not charging beyond 80% issue. Users need to contact Google Support and their experts will help you to solve this issue.

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