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All Studio Dragon K-Drama Series on Netflix [2022]


Read this post to recognize the All Studio Dragon K-Drama Series on Netflix in 2022. I have compiled a list of Korean dramas that are ready to be streamed on Netflix.

Studio Dragon K-Drama Series on Netflix

Studio Dragon, a South Korean live streaming giant, has signed a deal with Netflix, allowing the distribution platform to deliver Korean Dramas to global users.


Various K-Drama series from tvN is available on Netflix. And, if you want to acknowledge all of them, read the following section.

List of Studio Dragon K-Drama Series on Netflix

First of all, I would like to discuss the most high-rated Studio Dragon K-Drama Series that are currently available on Netflix.

Arthdal Chronicles (Season 1)

Arthdal Chronicles is the main example, of why K-Dramas are favored by live streamers globally. It offers a fantasy story representing the happening in the city named Arthdal.

A young man is supposed to overcome his curse to save his village from mighty destruction. In the meantime, a war hero of the city dreams of becoming the first king.

Ta-Gon, who wants to be kinds, considers himself to be the most victorious person and doesn’t fear the consequences of the curse upon Eun-Sum

Genre: Fantasy, Romance | Episodes: 18

Kingdom (Season 2)

A Netflix Original, the story is about a plagued town where most of the population has become flesh-eating creatures. So now crown prince Lee comes forward to save his town from these mysterious activities.

Kingdom brings huge success to the K-Drama series, where you will encounter a good store and with actors, who are only meant to provide impressive acting.

Genre: Historical, Horror | Episodes: 12

Crash Landing on You (Season 1)

Crash Landing on You remains the top-rated K-Drama series from Studio Dragon. This romantic comedy offers tons of fun which was loved by almost every viewer in South Korea.

The story represents a fashion heiress who crashes in North Korean territory. As she falls from the tree on the North Korean military officer, Lee Jung-hyeok decides to help the lady to stay hidden from his fellow military members.

As the lady and military officer get to know each other, they start to fall in love.

Genre: Comedy, Romance | Episodes: 16

All Studio Dragon K-Dramas on Netflix

Here’s the list of every Studio Dragon K-Dramas on Netflix. You can watch the mentioned Korean Drama series on Netflix right now.

All of these shows are available to live stream globally, you don’t have to change your IP to watch them in the USA, UK, or any European State.

Title Episodes
100 Days My Prince (Season 1) 16
A Korean Odyessy (Season 1) 20
Abyss (Season 1) 16
Another Miss Oh (Season 1) 18
Argon (Season 1) 8
Arthdal Chronicles (Season 1) 18
Because This Is My First Life (Season 1) 16
Black (Season 1) 18
Cinderella and the Four Knights (Season 1) 16
Crash Landing on You (Season 1) 16
Dear My Friends (Season 1) 18
Designated Survivor: 60 Days (Season 1) 16
Familiar Wife (Season 1) 16
Her Private Life (Season 1) 16
Hi, Bye Mama! (Season 1) 16
Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (Season 1) 16
Hotel Del Luna (Season 1) 16
It’s Okay to Not be Okay (Season 1) 16
Kingdom (Season 2) 12
Kingdom: Ashin of the North (Season 1) 12
Lawless Lawyer (Season 1) 16
Live (Season 1) 18
Live Up to Your Name (Season 1) 16
Love Alarm (Season 2) 14
Memories of the Alhambra (Season 1) 16
Mine (Season 1) 16
Mr. Sunshine (Season 1) 24
My Holo Love (Season 1) 12
My Mister (Season 1) 16
Navillera (Season 1) 12
Possessed (Season 1) 16
Record of Youth (Season 1) 16
Revolutionary Love (Season 1) 16
Romance Is a Bonus Book (Season 1) 16
Rugal (Season 1) 16
Search WWW (Season 1) 16
Start-Up (Season 1) 16
Stranger (Season 2) 32
Sweet Home (Season 1) 10
The Bride of Habaek (Season 1) 16
The Crowned Clown (Season 1) 16
The Guest (Season 1) 16
The K2 (Season 1) 16
The King: Eternal Monarch (Season 1) 16
The Lies Within (Season 1) 16
The Uncanny Counter (Season 1) 16
Touch Your Heart (Season 1) 16
Tunnel (Season 1) 16
Twenty Five Twenty One (Season 1) 16
Vincenzo (Season 1) 20
Voice (Season 1) 12

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