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Fix: Account Merge Not Working in Overwatch 2

  • Overwatch 2 is an FPS (first-person-shooter) game published by Blizzard Entertainment.
  • The game consists of a 5v5 brawl mode, online players fancy that.
  • I will discuss methods to fix Overwatch 2 Account Merge Not Working.

All credit goes to the DDoS attacker, many players are facing server-side issues in Overwatch 2. This is many because of the recently encountered cybercriminal activities that made the game servers rogue.

But then, there are some issues that only Blizzard Entertainment can fix. For instance, the accounts not merging issue is due to poor performance by the developer’s team.

Visit: Game Server Connection Failed in Overwatch 2


Because they are saying that they are unable to handle the server-side burden, that’s why many players are unable to merge their Overwatch accounts.

In that case scenario, players should focus on implementing some customizations, to bypass this issue, as soon as possible.

How Do I Fix Account Merge Not Working in Overwatch 2?

The Account Merge usually occurs when players haven’t linked their console accounts with the Battle.net client. Because only then, their device can understand properly and can’t deny the Merge request.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Link Console Accounts

The main issue behind this error is that you haven’t yet linked your game console account with the Battle.net client. So first of all, add your account and then request the account merge process.

1. Login using your Overwatch account that’s currently in use on your game console.

2. Perform the asked tasks and scan the QR Code using your mobile device.

3. If you are playing Overwatch 2 on your computer, use the provided code to confirm your activity.

4. Now, sign in using your Battle.net account to link it with your game console account.

5. When you log in for the next time, you will be asked to confirm the account merge activity.

Wait for A Little

Once you have filed a request to merge accounts, you will be requested to wait until the process is completed. Because Blizzard Entertainment is working hard to keep the server-side alive-n-kicking by making lazy moves.

They are saying that their servers are overloaded, so the players have to wait for a while to merge their Overwatch accounts.

However, don’t be worried about your data, it doesn’t get wiped or deleted, it will be transferred to your Overwatch 2 account, once the developer team is done with the data transfer process.

Contact Battle.net Support

In case you are tired of waiting to hear from Blizzard Entertainment, you should file a complaint on the provided forum online.

You can visit the Battle.net website on your web browser and select the device on which you are facing this issue.

Account Merge Not Working in Overwatch 2
After filing a request, click on the I Still Need Help link and hit the Contact Us option to get an instant response from the support team.

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