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5 Best WhatsApp Mods in 2021


Download and install the best WhatsApp mods with Anti-Ban in 2021. The advancement of modded Android applications is currently getting famous nowadays, and the most requested these days are the text messaging apps. There are a lot of messaging apps in the Android commercial center yet the most broadly utilized is WhatsApp courier.

Notwithstanding, this application helps in communicating with different clients through message messaging, sharing HD pictures, video calls, sound calls, emoticon support, and furthermore sending reports like PDF, DOC, and so forth

However, with such countless provisions in WhatsApp, it appears something is incomplete for certain clients. Numerous clients complain about security includes that are missing like hiding their online status yet viewing others. Such kind security highlights is accessible in WhatsApp MOD APK with numerous other premium-like elements free of charge.


What is WhatsApp MOD APK?

WhatsApp MOD is a modified WhatsApp Application that has added highlights like hiding online status, hiding typing status, hiding recording sound status, and significantly more. There are other added benefits also like you can wind down the blue tick mark if you read a message that somebody has sent you while you can, in any case, see the blue tick on their message been perused.

Not just hiding your security, with WhatsApp MOD you can even change the UI of the whole application with the assistance of subjects that are accessible in the app for nothing and there are in excess of 1000 topics for WhatsApp.

Is Using WhatsApp MOD Safe?

WhatsApp MOD is the modified rendition of the original WhatsApp application that is found on the Google Play Store. It is protected to use the extent that you are downloading from here as we have checked the apps and found no hints of infections or malware at all. We have installed and tried the WhatsApp MOD APK’s ourselves and viewed it as protected from getting restricted. If you have any questions, then, at that point, you might consider reading this blog entry on Quickheal for the genuineness of modded WhatsApp applications.

How To Install WhatsApp MOD?

All the modded WhatsApp applications require an Android smartphone running on Android 4.0 or more. You should allow outsider installation on your smartphone by going to the Settings menu of your phone and afterward to Security where you will find the choice to empower outsider applications or obscure sources. You won’t need any root access for installing any WhatsApp MOD APK as it installs like any typical Android APK.

5 Best WhatsApp Mods in 2021

1. WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero is basic and has an exquisite UI that allows you to work proficiently. It has material-style symbols and a menu, which is simpler to explore. It has the choice to download topics and installs it in a hurry, the most exciting element of WhatsApp Aero is that you can save and load/reestablish a custom topic in .xml design.

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  • It has a degree subject which is certainly more loose than level tones.
  • There is an enemy of erasing messages include.
  • It can conceal online status.
  • It can conceal blue ticks.
  • Have an air pocket talk style.
  • Can download video and photograph status.
  • Can copy text status.

2. YoWhatsApp


Yo WhatsApp comes in three variations and can be installed out and out on an Android phone running on Android 4.0 and higher. You can freeze keep going seen on YoWhatsApp and furthermore you can download topics, modify the UI according to your decision.

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  • Send 100 pictures without a moment’s delay
  • Show different profile photographs in a gathering
  • Can send message to a hindered contact without unblocked
  • Send all APK, ZIP, PDF records
  • 4000+ subjects accessible
  • Conceal blue tick, online status, typing status

3. GBWhatsApp


GBWhatsApp is the best modded a large number of WhatsApp Plus, yet lamentably, Team GB has halted the advancement inside and out, yet some different developers have still kept it alive. GbWhatsApp has been renowned after WhatsApp Gold was taken off from the Android commercial center because of an infringement of WhatsApp terms. GbwhatsApp is spotless and clear, which has every one of the top-notch-like components that come in three variations and can be installed through and through.

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  • Change emoticon stickers
  • Send messages consequently
  • Add 256 individuals in a gathering
  • Download stories and profile photographs
  • Send 600 contacts broadcast message on the double
  • Increase writing status to 255 characters
  • Change and burden topics rapidly
  • Change textual style

4. WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus was first delivered and was exceptionally famous, yet with the additional turn of events, new modded WhatsApp apps appeared. Nonetheless, WhatsApp Plus has exciting provisions that are not included in the WhatsApp form accessible on Google Play Store. Tragically, this isn’t a clone form, and you should uninstall the original WhatsApp from your smartphone prior to installing this.

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  • Emoticons updated
  • Video call four individuals in a gathering
  • Auto-answer when occupied
  • Conceal online status
  • Send enormous video documents
  • Send high-goal photographs without losing their quality

5. OGWhatsApp


OGWhatsApp is a spotless, straightforward, secure, and dependable modded variant of WhatsApp where the developers have added some high-level elements that will be useful for the clients as far as protection and security needs. OGWA enables you to a device that can watch your profile picture, status, and who can visit with you. Probably the best component of OGWhatsApp is that you can erase the sent directive for as long as 3 hours. Download the OGWhatsApp updated APK from beneath and check different elements included.

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  • Can send video documents up to 256MB
  • There is another launcher symbol
  • There is a component to increase status permeability to 48 hours
  • There is a finished security highlight


Download and install the best WhatsApp mods provided that you are completely fulfilled and like to investigate new provisions that are absent initially. You may likewise really take a look at Instagram Plus, which has progressed highlights like downloading photographs, downloading stories, hiding stories seen, and so on



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